Friday, August 7, 2015

July 20, 2015

Well this week was good. Yesterday at church one of the members said i look like i could be half islander! haha it was really funny! but i they think i have a litter darker skin! ha
Monday i already told everyone about and i talked a little about tuesday but the rest of tuesday was good. we had english class and was able to talk in english with everyone that was good i learned more about korean culture and the differences in america and korea that was really fun! ha we had two new people come to english so hopefully they
will continue to come! :) Wednesday was great! we went to kunch with the elders and their investiagtor! that was really fun there was so much food as always! but it was relly good. we also when to see the lighhouse again that
was really fun we were able to see some people fishing out on some rocks surrounded by water! that was cool. ha wheen we were there we asked some older men to take a picture of all of us and then after that the old men asked if they could get a picture with just me and sister Hurley so that was funny! sister hurley had a picture of it so i will get a copy adn send it home some time! haha I got some really fun pictures of the light house so i will try and send them home too! after that we had an appointment with sister Park hyangme  she is the
painter. that was a really different lesson it didnt really follow our plan but we had planned to ask what she thinks about the book of mormon and if she believes it to be Gods word so we asked that and she said yes then we asked if she believes that our church is true and she said yes again so we aksed if she would get baptized and she was like right now?? we told her not right now that we would have to help her
prepare but she said yes that she would! that was really cool but then she had to go so we had to cut our lesson short and werent able to continue.. :/ after our lesson with her we went and did some english proseliting with the elders that was really good we were able to talk to a lot of people and get their information it was really good the new elder in our area is really good he works really hard all the
time! we also talked to a lot of foigners so that was fun! ha
Thursday we had service and i just had to hand out the individual yougurt cups so that was a lot less stressful so it was actually a really good service day! haha but we ran out at the end so that made it hard becasue they werent very happy! ha but hey it was still good. after service we went with sister Kim Surgee to get ice-cream stuff with the elders that was really good we were able to teach her a
lesson and talk about things that we do to overcome our chalanges. it was really good. then we went to another apointment with a less active sister adn gave her brownies that was okay it was kind of awkward because ive never met her and sister hurley only met her one other
time but it was good she has two really cute little boys. It was good to meet with her and we want to meet with her again. Then we walked home and talked to people as we were walking. Friday we had district meeting that was so good we talked about the book of Mormon and about how we can better use it. sister Hurley had to give a talk about it. she did relly good! ha Then we all went to eat lunch together that was good too the people were really nice and gave us a discound because missionaries fo to their restraunt a lot! ha After districe meeting we met with Park Hyangme again (the painter) we taught english and then shared a message trying to prep her for baptism but when we told her that she had to come to church at least 3 times she said that she couldnt go becasue every sayurday and sunday she goes to Seoul to do an art workshop and that she wont be able to
come for another year and a half to two years..... so yeah that was hard. but we will continue working with her and hopefully she will see that she need to be baptized. but prayers would be helpful in her behalf... After we met with her we came home and did weekly planning. that was good we were ale to get a lot done. Saturday was really good we had full study time and then we were able to met with a member that was going to help us in our lesson with the
collage students. It was good we had planned to talk about Christs Atonement and the blessings that we recieve from it. Only one sister was able to come agian it was sister Goyumin she is so awesome she still has so many questions and wants to learn more about our church!
she was asking if we could teach the commandments so that she knows when she sins and needs to repent. so we are planning on teaching them so her this week but she is really awesome. in the lesson she asked us
about church we explained it to her and she was really interested so we told her that if she waanted to learn more than she would come but at the time she didnt say yes or no but them we went to english class with her and at the end she asked about church and said that she woudl
come!!! so that was really good we were really happy adn hoped that she would follow through with it.
Sunday we were really hoping that Sister Goyumin would be there. we sent her a test before and she said that she was planning on coming. so we were really happy! and Guess what she came!!!!!! Yay!!! she is so aweosme She came and stayed for the whole time. She really liked it
and was glad that she could learn more. we were able to teach the law of tithing and she was really accepting and liked that we paid it privetly. she thinks that our church just makes sence to her so hopefully she will continue to progress. She is just amazing! After church we finished weekly planning and then went and did Book of Mormon prosiliting with the elders that was really good we were able to teach lessons and hand out a lot of book of mormons! Today has been good we planned to go to the bamboo forest and ride
bikes with a lot of the missionaries in the zone but it was raining so when we go thtere they wouldnt let us but we still went anf had a lot of fun! I really love being in Korea. Im learning so much everyday! I am having a lot of learning ezperiences. I also really like the Book
Of Mormon challange im learning so much from that. It takes a lot of time but its really good! I   love serving the Lord and doing his work!

Sister Thornley

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