Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Hello everyone!!! this week was really good! I am so happy that i
stayed in my area we were able to see so many amazing things!!! I
really have learned a lot from Sister Cunningham she is amazing!!!
Monday we planne dot have FHE but no one came..:( so sad but we were
able to talk about the area and I was able to tell about our
investigators ( wow that was hard to spell in english its easieer in

Tuesday we planned to visit a less active but because of the rain she
told us not to come... darn!! but we were able to go though and talk
about all of the investigators and the less actives that we visit and
the members. it was really good. we also had english class. that is
always fun we had a newer person come again so we were able to talk to
her and get to know her better and talk about what we do as
missionaries. I

Wednesday we had district meeting!! ahh i love beiong able to learn
form the other missionaries they were able to help me see a lot of
things that i could work on! we also learned osme fun korean phrases.
i learned how to say that my stomach was going to tear. i alos learned
some other things that i cant remember at the time... (appariently i
need to study them more! hahaha) but after that we got lunch it was
good but probaby not my favorie korean food. We also got to meet
Janniy and Darina, Janniy is russian and Darina is half russian and
half korean it was a really good lesson we introduced the plan of
salvation and they seemed interested. we will teach the rest this
week. They are such asweet family I really llike meeting them! we also
went to vist a previous inveestigator it was really good because she
wanted to satrt the familly english program so we will start to teach
english for 30 min then share a message for 30 min it will be really
good i hope that she will have a stronger desire to learn about what
we teach( when missionaries met her before she was really close to
baptism but then her husband passed away adn so she stoped meeting
them yeah sad story) but hopefully we can help her.

Thurdsay we didnt have service... so sad i actually like going to see
the old people there they are so fun!! but we were able to try adn
visit a less active that just had a baby we didnt get to talk to her
so we left a note with a scripture. we also go tot visit Kim yuneh she
is also a less active (ive talked about her a lot) we talked to her
abput Patriachal blessings and she was actually interested. so we hope
that she will have interest and make the change in her life so that
she will be abe to recieve that blessing and guidence that comes from
it. it was a really good day i was able to learn a lot for myself
while helping others!

Friday we were able to meet the Less active that we planned to meet on
tuesday her name is Gwak geehey ( ahhh putting it in english is hard!)
but we helped her brother translate a paper.... that was really
hard!!! but it wa skind of fun. we also shared a message abput God and
abput prayer it was really good. I hope that we can help her more as
we continue to meet her! we also did weekly planning that was good we
were able to plan a good week! I hope that it will go as good as we

Saturday was SO AMAZING!!!!!! we were able to go to the church and
meet Go yumin to have her BAPTISIMAL INTERVIEW!!!!!  yay!!! ahh she is
such an amazing person i have really grown close to her in the time
that ive been teaching her!! She is so prepared and ready to make the
step of baptism!! Her interview was good adn she passed so she will be
baptized on the 13th of september!!! Ahhh it wil be such a good day
for her! We were able to start to plan for the service adn it will be
a really good day! There might even be one of the elders investigators
that will get baptized that day too!!! ahh it will be so good!! She
said she would come to church as well!! AHhh she is so great! We had
english class after thhat it was good there wasnt as many people that
came but it was still good! we were able to get ice cream after with a
meber that is really sweet. whille we were standing eating our
icecream some drunk men came over and were like "you can speak Korean"
it was funny! we had to leave though becasue they were getting Creepy.
But then we were able to set up the church adn get it realdy for
sacarement meeting. AHHH such a good day!!

Sunday we had PEC and then church Go YuMin came!!!!!! Yay I wasnt
worried that she wouldnt it just amkes me happy when she does come!!
It was a really good meeting Sister Cunningham gave a welcome talk
then we were able to have a lesson with Go YuMin and the elders. We
were able to help her be ecxited for her baptism and then help her
feel more ready for it. We were able to talk about the things that she
needed! She was really cute at helping me and sister Cunnungham in RS
because when we didnt understand she would help us. She also talked
about how she wants to teach her boyfriend about what she has learned!
She wasnt able to stay for the lunch after but she was able to learn a
lot. After church we ate lunch and then went lookin gfor less actives
it wasnt very successful on the less actives but we were able to talk
to some people one person actually had a frind that was Mormon adn
moved to utah or somthing like that. so hopefully the grandma and son
will call us(it was the grandama that we stared to talk to then the
son that knew the mormon) super cool!

Today we had to go to the place to get sister Cunninghams forigener
card renewed so that she could stay in Korea, that took so long!!!!!!
we were there waiting for like 2 and a half Hours!!!!! but we got it
done and were able to get lunch so it was okay. I really love korea an
everyting about being a missionary!!! there are so many things i can
learn! I hope all of you have a good week!

Sister Thornley!

So also this week there was a really funny thing that happened... when
we went to vist the lady that lost her husband we just go to her phone
shop adn her coworkeer was there adn as soon as she saw us the first
thing she said was "how do you say this" then she showed me her phone
and on it was "i dont give a ****" yeah i was really glad that i
stoped myself from saying the rest of it outloud... but we told her
that its a bad word and that we dont say it. but she just kept trying
to say it.. haha so funny! i was glad that she and her co worker were
saying it wrong but it was just funny that it was the first thing she
asked us!! yep thats my funny story.

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Week of Inspiration--- August 17, 2015

wow another week has gone by again! Time is going so fast. I really feel that time might be going faster in Korea than it was before I got here!! haha but really Ive almost been here for 12 weeks!! I really feels like time is going so fast! this week was full of really awesome
things we had a lot of new things that happened.
Monday was the usual FHE it was really fun this week we played spoon hockey that was really fun they had a pingpong ball and spoons and you hit it towards a goal with the spoons super fun! It was good activity because we had a lot of people that came this week! Tuesday we had a lesson with a new sister that we are doing the family english program with her name is lee na hyun( not sure how to make it
into english haha) but we met her and it was really good we talked about god and prayer with her. it was really good she was actually interested in the message and was asking questions so it was good. them we had a lesson with Go yumin she is the college student that is close to baptism. it was a really good lesson we had a member there
adn that was really helpfull because she knows english so she can help us understand the questions! but it was really good we tried to set a date wiht her but she felt that she didnt know enough about the gospel and she was worried that after baptism she woudld make a big mistake
or that she would fall away she is so aweosme though. i Really di feel that she is so prepared. After that we had english class it was good i was able to do the intermiediate class it was fun they were pretty
good at english so it helped me but it was hard to teach english because sometimes i feel like i dont even know english anymore!! haha
Wednesday we had district meeting!! it is always so good we were able to preactice talking to people and starting conversations with them
about the gospel and why we are here as missionaries. it was really helpful to me! After that we got to meet a new person her name is Janniy she is a russion that lives here adn we were able to meet with her and start the family english program with her daughter that is
half Korean. She is the prettiest girl i have seen!!! She was really nice too. We set up to meet every week so that will be really good! Im really excied to meet them!
Thurday we had service!!! yay it is always so fun. it was good but they had a fish side dish this time!!! ahhh im not a big fish fan!!! haha but after i put some on my plate to eat it so i dont offent them... adn then next thing i know there is an older lady putting MORE FISH ON MY PLATE!!!!!! ahhhhhhh so hard!!! I was already having a hard
time eating the little bit that i put on my plate!! but i was alble to eat some of it and then hide the rest... probably no the best but i couldnt eat any more. we also met with sister Kim yooneh this week it was really good she is so nice i really like her but its just hard because she really doesnt have the true desire to learn and feel the spirit. After we met with her we had someone call us that waanted to
either come to english class or start the family english program!! it was really cool that she called us i hope we are able to meet with her in the future!!
Friday we went to Busan for a sisters Conference!!! that was so aweosme!!! I really liked being able to learn from that we were taught how to address the problems that our investigators have. Then we got
to split into groups and learn how to cook some Korean Food!!!! taht was really fun! I got to learn how to make sweet adn sour pork it was really good in korean its called 탕수육 (tang sooyouk) it was really good!!! there was somany different kinds of food!! I really liked
learning more about how to cook food! so fun we learned so much both in food and spirtiually!! that took the whole day but it was a really good day!
Saturday we had english class it was good! after a member took us and the elders to dinner it was okay it wasnt my favorite food but i am still learnign to eat the things they give me! haha we were able to go out on the street adn teach two lessons one person we talked to was really good at english adn was actually going to america (Texas) in a
week it was so cool to talk to her we werent able to give her anything or get her information but hopefully she will be able to find the missionaries in texas!!
Sunday was really good we had an investigator at church. Her name is beck minsouk she is the lady we met on pday two weeks ago! She is so sweet and was able to really connect with the members. at the lunch
after church she was just with the members and bacically just acted like she was at home it was really awesome!! we  had to go to a different area to have chior practice. that was good but it felt reallly long becuse i cant understand what they say!! haha but them we met with our chinese investigator Joan she was so sweet! we teach her
daughter english but we dont really know where we are supposed to go with her gospel wise because she doesnt understand korean church words adn we dont know chinese words but we were able to teach her prayer
and were able to pray with them at the end it. as we were on our way home we got kind of lossed.... it was an adventure but we made it home on time.. taht was really an answer to our prayers before we left to come home we prayed that we woudl be able to make it home on time and
thats waht we did we were home at like8:58 so it  was really cool! Today we went to a buddest temple that was really cool koren culture is so fun!! I really love it here in korea!! I have learned so much in the time that ive been here! i tried a silkworm today!!! ahhhh i dont need to eat one of them again!!

So funny thing from this week!! One morning after we woke up i was saying the prayer to strt the day and after i finished it sister Hurley was just silent.... she never said amen!!! haha yeah she fell asleep in my prayer!!! haha super funny!!!
also i have started to be better at the korean grammer structure one time sister hurley gave me something and instead of saying "thankyou very much" it came out of my mouth "very much thankyou" haha so iguess
that is one way that i can see that my korean language is taking over my english speaking!! haha
such a good week i Love my mission and i love korea!!

Sister Alicia Thornley!!

this is a picture of the sisters meeting we had this week!! it was so much fun

August 10, 2015

wow another week has gone by so fast!! this week starts my 5th week in my 2nd transfer! It has gone so fast but also slow at times! I really do love being here in Korea!
So monday we were able to met a lady on the street adn give her a book of mormon and she saaid that she would meet us again it was such an awesoem experience because she was the one that talked to us first. God really put her in our path to talk to her but other than that we really didnt do a lot at all! we planned to have FHE but no one showed up so we had area meeting with the Elders and we were able to tal;k
about the tings that we can do to help the members in the branch and help our investigators it was good because some of the menbers really need help right now so we planned on meeting some of them to share a message and build their faith. Tuesday we planned to go visit the paris baguette lady from last week we tought that it was going to go a lot better than it did.. we basically just went there said hello and baught some icecream adn bread ate it and had to go. we werent able to ask about the Book of Mormon becuse people kept comming in adn interrupting so it wasnt the
best. but taht night we were able to meet Sister Go yumin ( the college student that is really close to baptism!) we were able to teach her a really good lesson we taught her 3 commandments adn she accepted all of htem really well. we taught keep the sabbath day holy,
the word of wisdom, adn the law of chastity. It was really good she was able to comit to live all of them! yay! she said that she wouldnt be able to come to church this week because of family reasons but
that she would think of God and do things that were good. It was such a good lesson She understood the word o fwisdom too she said that shedoesnt really drink coffee or alchol so that would be easy. she wondered why we cant dring green tea but we told her our testimomy o
fit adn she accepted it. we also had time to teach the law of chastity and that was good she accepted it as well! Now we just have to set a date fro her baptism and help her prepare more. We are going to meet  her again this tuesday and set the date so hopefully everthing goes
well!! after that we had english class adn that was good nothing new happened. Wednesday we had Zone Conference all day! it was so good though i was able to learn so much Presidnet adn sister barrow came and we able to
talk to us. we also got to watch meet the mormons because a lot of people hadnt seen it. It is such a good movie! I love the ways that it inspires all of us to help others adn live our standards better! we also talked a lto about the book of mormon and the challenge that we are doing it is such a blessing to be reading the book of mormon so
fast! I have really learned os much from it and i do feel taht we are being blessed as we do it! I have really felt my testimony of the book of mormon grow through it!
Thurdsay we had service and then we were able to meet the lady that we met on Pday adn were able to teach her the restoration and a little about the plan of salvation. her husband actually passed away recently
so she was really ointerested in that. After that we met with Kim yooneh (the less active) she actually read the assignment!!! it was so good we had a good lesson with her about the chapter! she made a little progress this week!! yay! After her on our way home we stopped by the paris baguette lady again this time we got to tlak to her more
about the ook of mormon. we arent sure how interested she reallly is but we will continue to stop there to see her every once and a while! Friday we had planned to meet a new lady that is russian but she cancled on us so we stayed home adn did weekly planning. After that we had another appointment with a new investigator we taught her english
and a very short lessson about why we are missionaries and a little about the book of mormon. it was good but she is mostly english interest now. But we are going to continue to meet her! It will be good. Saturday we had full study and then we met another new invesitgator!!! She recieved a book of mormon a while ago adn contacted us this week
adn we were able to meet with her. we taught the restoration but it was really hard to understand her! Even sister Hurley couldnt really undersdtand her but she wants to meet again to talk about it so thats really good. I think that the spirit was really guiding that lesson. After her we had english class it was good I was able to do basic with the Korean elder that we serve with. he is so funny!! we it was good
for me becasue i was able to work on my Korean adn learn to
communucate with them better. I still need a alot of work though!! haha we were also able to have a lesson with Paul (he is the highschool student that came to church the third day that we met him) adn the elders and a meber. it was good I can really see how prepared
he is! He is such a nice person. The elders are planning on setting a baptisimal date with him this week and we are thinkin god doing it the same day for Go yumin it would be really awesome if everything works
out! Sunday was pretty normal we were able to go to church and learn a lot. We got to go the english sunday school class becasue we didnt have ny investigators. it was really good. I love that we have an american family! we also met with another new person it is actullay the son of
the lady we met on pday but he wasnt very interested so that was sad! but it was a really good week i really love it here in Korea! Im learning so much every day!
Sister Thornley

Ulsan zone conference ( this is my Zone with pres and sister barrow!)

Friday, August 7, 2015

August 3, 2015

Hello everyone!!
This was a very slow week here in Korea. Momday we had FHE. that is always so much fun! i really do like it. the families that come are really awesome. We played a game and then there was FOOD!! I love that about Korea they always have food.. probaly not the best for my health but it makes me happy! haha there was homemaid bread and potatoes
again. they just eat potatoes as a snack here its so funny!! haha Tuesday we got to vist the Priedman family they are an american family that lives in our branch it was so fun I really have grown to love them. We made brownies for them and they were really happy they have two daughters by the way. they are a really strong family. when we
were there the mom asked what plans we had the night we told her just street contacting and then english class so she invited us to come back later adn eat left over enchalads with them so we decided to come back. it was so good to eat american food!! haha oh adn when we were
on the street we met sister hurley's first branch presisdent so he took us to get ice cream because it was really hot. Koreans are so giving!!! I love them. we also met a lady and taught a lesson and gave her a book of mormon in the first 15 minutes of being out there! it was so awesome! After we ate with the Priedman family they took us to english class and we had english vclass it was a really good time. I
had to share the message this week i talked about how we can all over come trials that we face. Wednesday we had district meeting and we were able to learn a lot! i
actually had to give a talk there too abouyt how we need to teach by the spirit i was able to share an experience i had at young woman's camp about pulling heavy things behind us up a hill and how "satin" tries to tell us we are strong enough to do it alone but the spirit it there quietly telling us the he can help. It turned out to be pretty good i was happy. adn it was really nice because everyone that was there was american to i didnt have to do it in korean! YES!! haha but aftert that we went to lunch and then came home and had amother dinner
appointment with a member adn the elders it was really good but i ate way too much food that day i actually go really sick from eating too much! then we walked home and did some teaching on the street it was good we were able to teach 2 lessons adn give one book of mormon. thursday we had srevice!  so fun! i actually am feeling better about
helping there now it reminds me of work adn serving lunch to the old people there! haha after service we got to visit sister park Gehyun (taekwondo lady sorry i cant remeber how i spell their names in english so yeah haha) that was so good she is the sweetest lady ever!! i was able to get o know here a lot better this time so it was really good. then we got to meet with Sister Go Yoomem ( the college age girl that is really close to baptism) we met with her adn made a box for
her to put her book of mormon in! she is so cute i love her so much! it was really good to do that with her and get to know her a little better. she told us that she wont be able to meet this saturday and wont be able to come to church because of a family thing so that was sad but that she will be able to come in the future. friday we met with sister Kim yooneh she is a less active that has a hard time beliveing in God but we shared a scripture and watched the video that we shared in english class called the hopw of gods light it
was really good i hope she can improve this week!  as we were walking to the bus stop we saw a store called paris baguette and we decided to go there to get dinner so we walked in and picked what we wanted and as we were checking out the lady that owned the shop asked
us why we are inkorea so we told her t hat we are missionaries and told her about what we do and we asked her if she has ever heard of the book of mormon she said no but we were able to teach her about it and give her one adn she said that she would read it adn that we should come back adn talk to her!!! it was so cool!! becsue honestly
we werent going to go insiide but then we did adn we were able to teach her!! then we came home and did weekly planning. Saturday we did more weekly planning adn then had english classs it was kind of hard because the elders werent there to help so we were really stressed about being able to teach but it went okay becasue there paul was there adn he helped us. ( paul is the boy that we met one day he came to english  the next day adn then he came to church
the follwing day) he is really nice!
Sunday was good we had church adn were able to fast. it was good. the branch president asked if we would be able to share our testimony in sacarament meeting so i shared my small testimony in korean and it actually went okay i was really nervous because i still dont like
talking in front of people but it was good! then we went home and did more weekly planning becasue we werent done yet then we weent out to the street to try adn teach some lessons it was a really slow night we
didnt get to teach as many lessons as we wanted. but it was still a good week. I really lov eit here in korea!
Oh adn today as we were coming to email we were able to teach a lesson adn give a lady a book of mormon and tell that we wanted to meet later! it was really good!
I love Korea!!!
Sister Thornley!
ps the book of mormon challenge is really good i really like it. it takes a l lot of time but im learning so much

 Korean Culture! I love it!
 Sister Go yoomeen and her box! super cute!!
this grandma at the market today had a piece of lettuce on her head!!!
super funny! only in Korea! :)

July 27, 2015

Hello everyone!! this week was really hot here in Korea!! I have been sweating so bad! I am just really happy that my house and all of the houses we visit have AC and that the buses and cars have it as well! I Really am learing so much everyday! The Book of mormon challage is going good it takes so much time but i really am learning alot!
Monday was really good we had FHE and the same families came we played the candybar game that was s fun! it was kind of hard though becasuse it was with chopsticks! haha but i had fun! I had to give the message that was okay it was hard becuase i didnt have a lot of time to preapare s it wasnt the best! but i learned from it and wil prepare more next time!
Tuesday we went to Hogey to meet with the new sisteres and turn over our investigatior from there to them. that was good she is such a fun lady she really opened up and shared her toughts. After that we had to hurry back because we had an appointment with a member adn the elders for lunch/dinner. The menber it sister Kim doknam the one that wrote the whole BoM in her journals! She fed us really good food. She made BBQ ribs and some other stuff that was really good but im not sure what it was called.haha we shared a message about the book of mormon and shared our favorite scripture. i decided i really need to worrk on my Korean because i coudnt tell her why i liked the scipture. but it wil come! after that we had english class that was good too. We had a good amount of people that came. We shared a mormon message that was really really good for the message. I think it heloped a lot of people! it was a video about a man that didnt believe in God at frist adn told baout how he came to believe in God. It was really good all of you shoulld watch it! its called "A hope of Gods Light"
Wednesday we had didrtict meeting. I always learn so much from it!! I really like the chance that we get each week to learn from other missionaries! after that we went on exchanges. Guess who had to stay in the area again...... yep me I had to stay and lead the area fro the second time! i guess they are just amkin gsure i can do it before sister Hurley leaves! haha but it was so good i went with Sister Hill adn she is such an amazing missionary!!! I learned so much from her! She was actually trained in this area so seh got to visit some of the people she taught before. We got to visit sister Park hyangme ( the artish that wants to be baptized but cant becasue of work opn sundays) that was really good we talked abiout the importance of having a strong foundation. it was really good. Sister hill was really happy to see her again! :) After that we went to another members house with the elders to have dinner. it was really godo too. it was meat and veggies that you wrap in lettuce. it was a good time. she also made homemaid bread with jam adn whipped cream! that was really good! haha  
thursday we had service again that is good. they old peopel are so fun! haha after service we had to exchange back so i was on a bus for like 3 hours jut traveling to and from other areas. it gave me a lot of time to read to BoM so it was good! we  also planned to go meet sister Park jehyun she is the taekwondo lady but when we go to her hiuse she wasnt ther so that was sad. bu twe called and set a time to meet with her the next day.
Friday we had studay then went to visit sister Park from the other day that was so good to seee her agin becasue we havent been able to meet her for so long! seh is so cute i learn so much from her! it was cute becasue she asked me to pray at the end becuse "that is the only way that i will learn korean!" haha super cute! then she took us to dinner we had these little rice hamburger things. then we went and did some prosiliting it was good we actually met a less axtive sister there. she baugh all of us waffels. we planned ot meet with her again sometime. we havent been able to yet though.. :/
saturday we had a lesson with sister Go youmein the collage student she is so awesoem and still progressing please pray for her!  we invited her to church again and she said she would come! yay! We also had english class we had a lot of new students that came! and we shared the same video as the message beacasuse everyone was new! then we went o dinner with the elders adn that took the rest of the nich becsue we had to set up for church adn wait for everyone to leave after english class.
Sunday was good we had PEC and cleaned then we waited for Sister Go to come. she was a little late but it was okay becsue she came and stayed for the whole time! it was really good we talked about baptism in class and she asked really good questions we told her that she doent need to know everything before she gets baptised adn she accepted that really well so we want to set a date this week. after church we went to hogey again for chiror practice that was fun we got to see some other missionaries. then we came home and did some BoM prosiliting withthe elders taht was so good~! we taught 4 lessons onthe streat and were able to give out 4 BoMs.
Today was a very relaxing day we spent like 2 hours studing the book of Mormom that was really good! but something fun today.. so when i woke up i looked at my right hand adn it was supper swollen!!! haha so i look like i got fat over nigh but just in my hand you can no longer see my knuckles!! haha yeah i think i got bit by a bug or somthing! hopefully it goes away soon!!
yep its a good week we are very busy! Kroea is so good i love it so much!
Sister Thornley!

July 20, 2015

Well this week was good. Yesterday at church one of the members said i look like i could be half islander! haha it was really funny! but i they think i have a litter darker skin! ha
Monday i already told everyone about and i talked a little about tuesday but the rest of tuesday was good. we had english class and was able to talk in english with everyone that was good i learned more about korean culture and the differences in america and korea that was really fun! ha we had two new people come to english so hopefully they
will continue to come! :) Wednesday was great! we went to kunch with the elders and their investiagtor! that was really fun there was so much food as always! but it was relly good. we also when to see the lighhouse again that
was really fun we were able to see some people fishing out on some rocks surrounded by water! that was cool. ha wheen we were there we asked some older men to take a picture of all of us and then after that the old men asked if they could get a picture with just me and sister Hurley so that was funny! sister hurley had a picture of it so i will get a copy adn send it home some time! haha I got some really fun pictures of the light house so i will try and send them home too! after that we had an appointment with sister Park hyangme  she is the
painter. that was a really different lesson it didnt really follow our plan but we had planned to ask what she thinks about the book of mormon and if she believes it to be Gods word so we asked that and she said yes then we asked if she believes that our church is true and she said yes again so we aksed if she would get baptized and she was like right now?? we told her not right now that we would have to help her
prepare but she said yes that she would! that was really cool but then she had to go so we had to cut our lesson short and werent able to continue.. :/ after our lesson with her we went and did some english proseliting with the elders that was really good we were able to talk to a lot of people and get their information it was really good the new elder in our area is really good he works really hard all the
time! we also talked to a lot of foigners so that was fun! ha
Thursday we had service and i just had to hand out the individual yougurt cups so that was a lot less stressful so it was actually a really good service day! haha but we ran out at the end so that made it hard becasue they werent very happy! ha but hey it was still good. after service we went with sister Kim Surgee to get ice-cream stuff with the elders that was really good we were able to teach her a
lesson and talk about things that we do to overcome our chalanges. it was really good. then we went to another apointment with a less active sister adn gave her brownies that was okay it was kind of awkward because ive never met her and sister hurley only met her one other
time but it was good she has two really cute little boys. It was good to meet with her and we want to meet with her again. Then we walked home and talked to people as we were walking. Friday we had district meeting that was so good we talked about the book of Mormon and about how we can better use it. sister Hurley had to give a talk about it. she did relly good! ha Then we all went to eat lunch together that was good too the people were really nice and gave us a discound because missionaries fo to their restraunt a lot! ha After districe meeting we met with Park Hyangme again (the painter) we taught english and then shared a message trying to prep her for baptism but when we told her that she had to come to church at least 3 times she said that she couldnt go becasue every sayurday and sunday she goes to Seoul to do an art workshop and that she wont be able to
come for another year and a half to two years..... so yeah that was hard. but we will continue working with her and hopefully she will see that she need to be baptized. but prayers would be helpful in her behalf... After we met with her we came home and did weekly planning. that was good we were ale to get a lot done. Saturday was really good we had full study time and then we were able to met with a member that was going to help us in our lesson with the
collage students. It was good we had planned to talk about Christs Atonement and the blessings that we recieve from it. Only one sister was able to come agian it was sister Goyumin she is so awesome she still has so many questions and wants to learn more about our church!
she was asking if we could teach the commandments so that she knows when she sins and needs to repent. so we are planning on teaching them so her this week but she is really awesome. in the lesson she asked us
about church we explained it to her and she was really interested so we told her that if she waanted to learn more than she would come but at the time she didnt say yes or no but them we went to english class with her and at the end she asked about church and said that she woudl
come!!! so that was really good we were really happy adn hoped that she would follow through with it.
Sunday we were really hoping that Sister Goyumin would be there. we sent her a test before and she said that she was planning on coming. so we were really happy! and Guess what she came!!!!!! Yay!!! she is so aweosme She came and stayed for the whole time. She really liked it
and was glad that she could learn more. we were able to teach the law of tithing and she was really accepting and liked that we paid it privetly. she thinks that our church just makes sence to her so hopefully she will continue to progress. She is just amazing! After church we finished weekly planning and then went and did Book of Mormon prosiliting with the elders that was really good we were able to teach lessons and hand out a lot of book of mormons! Today has been good we planned to go to the bamboo forest and ride
bikes with a lot of the missionaries in the zone but it was raining so when we go thtere they wouldnt let us but we still went anf had a lot of fun! I really love being in Korea. Im learning so much everyday! I am having a lot of learning ezperiences. I also really like the Book
Of Mormon challange im learning so much from that. It takes a lot of time but its really good! I   love serving the Lord and doing his work!

Sister Thornley