Monday, August 17, 2015

A Week of Inspiration--- August 17, 2015

wow another week has gone by again! Time is going so fast. I really feel that time might be going faster in Korea than it was before I got here!! haha but really Ive almost been here for 12 weeks!! I really feels like time is going so fast! this week was full of really awesome
things we had a lot of new things that happened.
Monday was the usual FHE it was really fun this week we played spoon hockey that was really fun they had a pingpong ball and spoons and you hit it towards a goal with the spoons super fun! It was good activity because we had a lot of people that came this week! Tuesday we had a lesson with a new sister that we are doing the family english program with her name is lee na hyun( not sure how to make it
into english haha) but we met her and it was really good we talked about god and prayer with her. it was really good she was actually interested in the message and was asking questions so it was good. them we had a lesson with Go yumin she is the college student that is close to baptism. it was a really good lesson we had a member there
adn that was really helpfull because she knows english so she can help us understand the questions! but it was really good we tried to set a date wiht her but she felt that she didnt know enough about the gospel and she was worried that after baptism she woudld make a big mistake
or that she would fall away she is so aweosme though. i Really di feel that she is so prepared. After that we had english class it was good i was able to do the intermiediate class it was fun they were pretty
good at english so it helped me but it was hard to teach english because sometimes i feel like i dont even know english anymore!! haha
Wednesday we had district meeting!! it is always so good we were able to preactice talking to people and starting conversations with them
about the gospel and why we are here as missionaries. it was really helpful to me! After that we got to meet a new person her name is Janniy she is a russion that lives here adn we were able to meet with her and start the family english program with her daughter that is
half Korean. She is the prettiest girl i have seen!!! She was really nice too. We set up to meet every week so that will be really good! Im really excied to meet them!
Thurday we had service!!! yay it is always so fun. it was good but they had a fish side dish this time!!! ahhh im not a big fish fan!!! haha but after i put some on my plate to eat it so i dont offent them... adn then next thing i know there is an older lady putting MORE FISH ON MY PLATE!!!!!! ahhhhhhh so hard!!! I was already having a hard
time eating the little bit that i put on my plate!! but i was alble to eat some of it and then hide the rest... probably no the best but i couldnt eat any more. we also met with sister Kim yooneh this week it was really good she is so nice i really like her but its just hard because she really doesnt have the true desire to learn and feel the spirit. After we met with her we had someone call us that waanted to
either come to english class or start the family english program!! it was really cool that she called us i hope we are able to meet with her in the future!!
Friday we went to Busan for a sisters Conference!!! that was so aweosme!!! I really liked being able to learn from that we were taught how to address the problems that our investigators have. Then we got
to split into groups and learn how to cook some Korean Food!!!! taht was really fun! I got to learn how to make sweet adn sour pork it was really good in korean its called 탕수육 (tang sooyouk) it was really good!!! there was somany different kinds of food!! I really liked
learning more about how to cook food! so fun we learned so much both in food and spirtiually!! that took the whole day but it was a really good day!
Saturday we had english class it was good! after a member took us and the elders to dinner it was okay it wasnt my favorite food but i am still learnign to eat the things they give me! haha we were able to go out on the street adn teach two lessons one person we talked to was really good at english adn was actually going to america (Texas) in a
week it was so cool to talk to her we werent able to give her anything or get her information but hopefully she will be able to find the missionaries in texas!!
Sunday was really good we had an investigator at church. Her name is beck minsouk she is the lady we met on pday two weeks ago! She is so sweet and was able to really connect with the members. at the lunch
after church she was just with the members and bacically just acted like she was at home it was really awesome!! we  had to go to a different area to have chior practice. that was good but it felt reallly long becuse i cant understand what they say!! haha but them we met with our chinese investigator Joan she was so sweet! we teach her
daughter english but we dont really know where we are supposed to go with her gospel wise because she doesnt understand korean church words adn we dont know chinese words but we were able to teach her prayer
and were able to pray with them at the end it. as we were on our way home we got kind of lossed.... it was an adventure but we made it home on time.. taht was really an answer to our prayers before we left to come home we prayed that we woudl be able to make it home on time and
thats waht we did we were home at like8:58 so it  was really cool! Today we went to a buddest temple that was really cool koren culture is so fun!! I really love it here in korea!! I have learned so much in the time that ive been here! i tried a silkworm today!!! ahhhh i dont need to eat one of them again!!

So funny thing from this week!! One morning after we woke up i was saying the prayer to strt the day and after i finished it sister Hurley was just silent.... she never said amen!!! haha yeah she fell asleep in my prayer!!! haha super funny!!!
also i have started to be better at the korean grammer structure one time sister hurley gave me something and instead of saying "thankyou very much" it came out of my mouth "very much thankyou" haha so iguess
that is one way that i can see that my korean language is taking over my english speaking!! haha
such a good week i Love my mission and i love korea!!

Sister Alicia Thornley!!

this is a picture of the sisters meeting we had this week!! it was so much fun

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