Friday, August 7, 2015

August 3, 2015

Hello everyone!!
This was a very slow week here in Korea. Momday we had FHE. that is always so much fun! i really do like it. the families that come are really awesome. We played a game and then there was FOOD!! I love that about Korea they always have food.. probaly not the best for my health but it makes me happy! haha there was homemaid bread and potatoes
again. they just eat potatoes as a snack here its so funny!! haha Tuesday we got to vist the Priedman family they are an american family that lives in our branch it was so fun I really have grown to love them. We made brownies for them and they were really happy they have two daughters by the way. they are a really strong family. when we
were there the mom asked what plans we had the night we told her just street contacting and then english class so she invited us to come back later adn eat left over enchalads with them so we decided to come back. it was so good to eat american food!! haha oh adn when we were
on the street we met sister hurley's first branch presisdent so he took us to get ice cream because it was really hot. Koreans are so giving!!! I love them. we also met a lady and taught a lesson and gave her a book of mormon in the first 15 minutes of being out there! it was so awesome! After we ate with the Priedman family they took us to english class and we had english vclass it was a really good time. I
had to share the message this week i talked about how we can all over come trials that we face. Wednesday we had district meeting and we were able to learn a lot! i
actually had to give a talk there too abouyt how we need to teach by the spirit i was able to share an experience i had at young woman's camp about pulling heavy things behind us up a hill and how "satin" tries to tell us we are strong enough to do it alone but the spirit it there quietly telling us the he can help. It turned out to be pretty good i was happy. adn it was really nice because everyone that was there was american to i didnt have to do it in korean! YES!! haha but aftert that we went to lunch and then came home and had amother dinner
appointment with a member adn the elders it was really good but i ate way too much food that day i actually go really sick from eating too much! then we walked home and did some teaching on the street it was good we were able to teach 2 lessons adn give one book of mormon. thursday we had srevice!  so fun! i actually am feeling better about
helping there now it reminds me of work adn serving lunch to the old people there! haha after service we got to visit sister park Gehyun (taekwondo lady sorry i cant remeber how i spell their names in english so yeah haha) that was so good she is the sweetest lady ever!! i was able to get o know here a lot better this time so it was really good. then we got to meet with Sister Go Yoomem ( the college age girl that is really close to baptism) we met with her adn made a box for
her to put her book of mormon in! she is so cute i love her so much! it was really good to do that with her and get to know her a little better. she told us that she wont be able to meet this saturday and wont be able to come to church because of a family thing so that was sad but that she will be able to come in the future. friday we met with sister Kim yooneh she is a less active that has a hard time beliveing in God but we shared a scripture and watched the video that we shared in english class called the hopw of gods light it
was really good i hope she can improve this week!  as we were walking to the bus stop we saw a store called paris baguette and we decided to go there to get dinner so we walked in and picked what we wanted and as we were checking out the lady that owned the shop asked
us why we are inkorea so we told her t hat we are missionaries and told her about what we do and we asked her if she has ever heard of the book of mormon she said no but we were able to teach her about it and give her one adn she said that she would read it adn that we should come back adn talk to her!!! it was so cool!! becsue honestly
we werent going to go insiide but then we did adn we were able to teach her!! then we came home and did weekly planning. Saturday we did more weekly planning adn then had english classs it was kind of hard because the elders werent there to help so we were really stressed about being able to teach but it went okay becasue there paul was there adn he helped us. ( paul is the boy that we met one day he came to english  the next day adn then he came to church
the follwing day) he is really nice!
Sunday was good we had church adn were able to fast. it was good. the branch president asked if we would be able to share our testimony in sacarament meeting so i shared my small testimony in korean and it actually went okay i was really nervous because i still dont like
talking in front of people but it was good! then we went home and did more weekly planning becasue we werent done yet then we weent out to the street to try adn teach some lessons it was a really slow night we
didnt get to teach as many lessons as we wanted. but it was still a good week. I really lov eit here in korea!
Oh adn today as we were coming to email we were able to teach a lesson adn give a lady a book of mormon and tell that we wanted to meet later! it was really good!
I love Korea!!!
Sister Thornley!
ps the book of mormon challenge is really good i really like it. it takes a l lot of time but im learning so much

 Korean Culture! I love it!
 Sister Go yoomeen and her box! super cute!!
this grandma at the market today had a piece of lettuce on her head!!!
super funny! only in Korea! :)

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