Monday, December 21, 2015

It's beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas!! December 20, 2015

Hello! this week was a week of changes!! Monday we were able to get all packed adn ready to go. We were able to have a good time getting all of our stuff ready! 
Tuesday was really good it was our last day in segwipo (English spelling is so hard!)  so we wanted to do as much as we could!  We were able to go to the post office adn get Sister Kims stuff mailed off to her house. Then we went  and were able to visit the sister that we met on the street the week before it was actually really good! She is really nice and was pretty responsive to our message. she said that she would read the BOM and that she would pry to help overcome the hard times so that was really good i knew that i would be sad that i couldn't meet with her for 10 days but i think she will be okay! after we were able to visit a less active adn theyfed us some food adn we were abelt to have a good time there! we ate the meat that is on a pigs foot.... yeah that was really weird! 
Wednesday we were able to take a bus ride to the airport adn on the way there it was snowing !!! ahh it was so pretty!!! it made me happy! when we go to the airport we were able to check in and them we just had to wait for a long time. the plane ride was so pretty!! we were literally on top of the clouds the whole time ahh so pretty!! i love it!  when we go to busan we had to walk to the office with all of our stuff that was really long walk!! and my bag was really heavy!! ahh i was so tired!! we were able to meet the other missionaries that were having the Christmas party and then we wen tout to eat lunch because we were really hungry we go tto talk to a lot of people and then we went on exchanges i got to go with sister Fiso again! that was really fun we had English class and then visited some members in their area that was really good they were really nice people! when we were together we were able to meet one really nice girl that was really interested so we gave her a BOM and got her contact i hope that they will be able to meet with her again!
Thursday we went back to the office adn were able to have our Christmas meeting! it was really good! i really learned so much there! We also got to watch 17 miracles at the end it was really fun! I love that movie! After the meeting i got to meet my new companion adn together we were able to travel to our house that is like a 3 hour travel!! it was so long and also really cold when we had to go outside! but we made it eventually! my arms were so dead from my suitcase by the end of the night! 
Friday we planned dot visit one person that lives really far away but  when then they canceled so we did  prep for our Christmas party! I twas really good! in andong we have done a lot of BoM lessons on the street! i really like it her and the things that i am learning i love my companion she is so awesome! 
i also found out that this area is a lot colder than my last area so i am really really cold! but its all good! i love missionary work!! 
I Hope you all have MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 
Sister Thornley! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

December 14, 2015

     This week was so good!! it was kind of different but really good! First i have som ecrazy news! this week because my companion is going home on the 17th i will have to be getting a new compaion early before the transfer ends.. so iwas really nervous about that adn that i might have to learve this area taht i have really grown to love! so i recieved a call this week adn i was told that i will be going to an area called andong for the rest of the transfer with another sister thats compnion is allso going home (Sister Hurley my trainer). so i will be goign to a new area for 10 days adn then as far as i know coiming back to Seogwipo for the next transfer! ao taht will be crazy we will be goign to busan on wednesday adn then we will have a christmas meeting adn theni will be going to a new area to finish the transfer! I will be with Sister Yang Hanbeet (Koean 양한빗) it will be an adventure!
      This week was really good i will have to keep it short today becasue of time. I will tell of one really cool experience that we had! one day we hada lot of time so we were out on the steet talking to people and as we were talking to one lady we saw the elders walk passed us  btu we didnt really talk to them so we finished talking to the lady adn them left to go talk to the elders and when we waled up to them there was another tow ladies adn a child that started talkign to them first (in english) adn said the thye had say them down the road adn follwed them until they caught up to them and that they wanted to meet the sister Misssionaries!! at theat point we hadnt said anithing but htem the elders we able to say taht we were right there. so we got to meet them adn we found out that the ladies are sisters adn that one is a member but less active and aht the other is not a member but that they met witht he missionaries a lon gtime ago adn got a good feeling and becasue the non members life is hard right now she wanted to meet us again to get the same good feeling! so we were able to get their number and talk to them. it was really cool! we will be able to meet them tomorrow (tuesday) also our last day int he area! It will be really good i really do feel that we were ment to find them but i am scared for what will happen when there arent sisters in the area for the 10 days! i really do need ot come back to this area! but i know that God has a plan for this area adn for me I Love this work adn the things that i am learning!
    Another Good part form this week we were able to meet with a less active sister that is really amaxing i love her so much she has really became a good firend to me. adn as we were talking we talked about when this sister gets married that she would pay for my plane ticket form america to come to her wedding!! hahahaha how amzing is that i want to hold her to that so ican come back!
     We were also able to watch the First Presidency Christmas Message with the Branc h on sunday but I didnt really get to enjoy much more than the misic becasue it was all in korean so that my companion could listen to it! that was kind of sad to not get to actually hear the message but maybe i will get to read it later!
  We were also able to meet one lady on the street and give her a BOM and while we were with her she read some of it and after told us that when she reads the bible it is really hard to understand but when she read the BOM that is was easier to understand sot aht was a really cool experience i really love this area! 
   I love this work adn i know that i am supposed to be here at this time I really  really do love the koean people adn the love that they are able to give to me as well! i wil miss Sister Kim YeJi after she goes home but i loof forward to the adventurs left here in Korea!
Sister Thornley!

The amazing members! This little boy is my favorite!! THis is also a less active sister that is really fun! sh ecame to church this week! YAY!

Our fun pday!

December 6, 2015

hello everyone!! this week was really good we were able to see some really great miracles and they will contunue to come this week!
Monday we had a really fun pday we went to a place taht looks like a creater! it was really cool but it wasnt what i was expecting to see! haha all of the pictures ive seen its reallly green adn pretty but it was kind of brown adn dry! After we were able ot do a lot of findign but we didnt have as much success as we wanted!
Tuesday we able to have a good meeting iwht the elders adboiut how we can use the new christmas video to find pople to teach! we are goign to have an event that we will invite peple to tha tthey can come adn learn more about the church. adn meet members adn the members can bring friends to. it was really good we came us with some really good ideas im excited to seee it work out! after we went adn visited adn investigator for a short time. after we ate korean sweet potato pizza for dinner!! ahh it is so good i think it is one of my favortie pizzas now!! haha after we had lot of time to find pople! it was hard but we talekd to a lot of people and were abl eot give out a book of mormon. i cant remeber very much beacuse we did so much finding this week with not a lot of success.
Wednesday we had district meeting nd were abelt ot practice singign for when we all to caroling together to try adn get new people to teach! it was fun i relaly love christmas songs adn the feeling that they give! at the meeting we were able to have cupcakes because it was my companions birthday a week ago! that was really good! i was ableto t learn so much there i really like the things that we learn tit was good we talked aut how we need to be sharign the blessings that we recieve with all of the people that we meet with! After we visited a less active! she is so sweet i love her so much! we talked about reading the BOM and the things that she can learn from it ! she iwas so nicew ! While we were there it started to rain like crazy!! i was glad taht we werent outside!! hahaha after we went to visit an investigator but we were only able to talk to her less active son and learn that she is really sick adn hurts so that was sad. i hope that we are able to find a way to help her! after we went o visit a member but she wasnt home so we had to do some finding adn were able to give another BOM adn meet some godo people! it shard weverytime we give out things and then nothing comes of them adn the time but maybe some day they will have interest and call after i leave this area! I really think that will happen someday!
turdaay we were abl eto find anew service project for us! it will be good we will be helping elderly people! so taht will be good to have! after we went ot visit a less active but when went we had the wrong address or she had moved! so that was sad! we were then able to take a long bus ride to our branch presidents house so that we wuld help his wife make kimchi!!!! yay!! that was so much fun! it is actually hard work though! they litterally pput the spice stuff on all of the cabbage leaves so it takes a long time adn they make so much!!!! we hardly made a dent in the amount they will do ! i ate so much kimchi that day!! as we were making it adn then after for dinner!! when we went ot go home we had to wait for the bus for 40 min. adn it was really really cold!!!  but it was okay becaause when the bus came it was really warm!!
Friday we were able to have mcm adn then eat lucnh it was good we ate so much food!!! we also did weekly planing adn then visited another less active she is so funny!! we had a good lesson aout prayer adn reminded her to pray. she is making some progress so its really good!
Saturday we were ablr to go to a farm adn help an investigator pik their furit! it was good but we were there for a really long time!!! we were able to talk about hte BOM and start to teach more about the chuch! we were also able to visit some other investigators for a short time and gave them a card to watch the new christmas video! so that will be good it they can wtch it! then we visited a member but she wasnt there it was ol\nly her son so we just had to visit on the door step for a short time. then we did some finding. adn ate dinner we talked to so many people but they werent very intersted!
Sunday we went o piuck up a less active to take her to chrurch with us to was good she was able to come! church was good but it was kind of sad when the girl sitting next to me took the scarament bread and saw that it hade mold on it..... so that was unplesant because i had already eaten it! but iguess because it was blessed it was okay! haha we were abelt o thave a dinner appointment with a member it was good this family is really awesoeme! Afte dinner on our way home we got a text from a potential investigator asking if we can come todinner today(monday) this person hasd nt anyweed our calls at all!! so this was really awesoeme! it wil be a good week!! have a good week everyone!!
Sister Thornley!

November 29, 2015

wow this week was really good, but it turned out really really cold!! we were able to do a lot of good things!
monday we had zone conference it was really good and i already talked about it last week. i really learned a lot this week from the things that we talked about there! I really feel that i am supposed ot be here at this time!
Tuesday we were abl eto have the rest of our pday! it was really good we went to a waterfall! it was really pretty! i really like it her in jeju there are so many pretty things that are so colse!! after that we went to the churcha and watched part of the restioration video! i relaly love that video adn i really can feel the spirit when i watch it! i really do know that this church is true adn that Joesph Smith was called by God. After we were able to meet with one of our investigators adn we were able to teach english to her son and then we taught the plan of salvation! it was a relaly good leson the son had a lot of relaly good questions and was really interested in the message adn really understood it well and basically re taught it to us afr\ter! it was cute! we also tried to go visit adnother investigator but they werent home os we werent able tto mee them. so we were able to do some prosiliting... and one of the ladies we talked to we told her hwer we were going adn because it was really far she gave us a ride!! That was kind of cool but she seemed like she only has english interest but maybe we will be able to meet her again!
Wednesday was Sister Kim Yeji's birthday!! yay!! os we were able to go to lunch with the elders and have a little 'Party' for her!! it was fun. after that we went to visit a less active that owns the caffe! when we went there she gave us a really good orange and other fruit dirnk adn also a really really good apple pie!! ahh it was really good! i was happy to have pie on the week of thenksgiving!! haha we were able to have ashort message with her and invite her to read a part of the book of mormon so that will hopefully help her! after that we had a lot of time!!! So we walked a lot! but when we were walkingit was really really cold!!! ahhh so cold!! i was really wishing that i had more warm clothes on!! haha it also was really windy adn was raining a little so i was frozen!! haha we were able to do some more finding but because of the colod mot a lot of people wanted to talk to us!! AFter we were able to take a long bus ride to our branch presidents house to have dinner and when we go there they took us out to eat a meat restraunt!! ahh it was so good!! i relaly like how they cook th emeat here! its kind of cool they just bring out the raw meat adn then in the middle of the table is little grill thing and you cook the meatr yourself!! it was really good!! I ate so much food! then they took us home! oh and we planned to make kimchi sometime this week! so i adm really excited to be able to make kimchi this week!! haha
Thursday we Were able to have full study aand then we dressed warm adn went out to go try to find people to teach... we tried knoclking doors for the first time.. adn it wasnt very effective!! most people werent home or didnt want to listen... but i was happy that we were inside adt one point because it started to hale adn was really windy adn really cold!! We were aslo able to go to a bridge to find pople but there wasnt very many people beacuse it was so cold! after we went to the church adn were able to warm up adn get some papers to put in the book of mormons that we give out. Then we went to our next appointmenet adn as we were walking there we got rained on!! so we were alittle wet! but we were able to meet our investigatior adn it was good she is really nice but it was kind of hard to understand her and her house was really cold too!
Friday we were able to have mcm adn then we went to our service project picking fruit!! oh my goodness it was so cold!!! the gloves i had got wet and so the cold weater made my fingers feel frozen!! We were there for a really long time!! we picked so much fruit!! it was crazy to see how much fruit one tree can have!! After we were able to go with the member to our next appointment adn we were abel to visit a lessactive. it was godo we tlaked about how we can share the gospel with others. Their house was also really cold so it was hard tostay fouced because i couldnt feel my fingers adn toes the whole time!! but it was good
Saturday we were got to do some more service for a poteantial investigator!! yay we heloed them on their farm as well adn we were abelto pick so much fruit again!! but this time it wasnt as cold so i was really happy!! They are a really nice family and we will probably get to meet them again! After we went to the church and were able to have english class with our one english member.. it was good we were also able to teach her about the plan of salvation adn then she took us ot eat dinner it was really good! it was good to havesome warm food!! haha after that we went oand were able to meet with one of our investigators. it was good we invited her to read the book of mormon and then come to church. she is friends with one of our less actives so we want them to come to church together!! after we met her we had FHE with a family adn we were able to talk about chirstmas and whey we have it adn them we played missionary tag! it was really fun! we [played soem other games as well. then we waked home and we taked to some ladies and when we tried to give them a book of mormon they litterally ran away from us!! that was kind of fun!! haha today i alos got a Korean Name from my aweosme compaion!! its 한송이 han song ee it is used when counting flowers so it litterally means one flower! kind of cool!
Sunday was really good we were able to have church and then we went to visit alady but beacse her bak husrts she couldnbt open to door to letus in! so that was sad then we did weekl;y planning adn went ot a dinner appointment! it was relaly good! i ate so much food! we had rice adn veggies!
It was a relaly good week i relaly learned a lto that i dint include! i love missionary work adn being here in korea even though it is reallly cold!! i hope that all of you havea good week!
Sister Thornely

WE were able to go to another waterfall that is alos really colse to the church! it was really pretty!

This is an apple pie that a less active gave us! it was really good adn made me happy beacuse i go tto eat pie the day before thanksgiving! haha

November 23, 2015

Wow this week was a very busy week we were able to do a lot of good this week adn i was abelt o learn a lot!
Momday was the start of a new transfer and it is my companions last trnsfer of her mission so it will be sadto see her go but I love this work and the things i am learning! Monday we were able to go to a waterfalll that is really close to our church and take some pictures it was realy fun even though it was just me and my companion we were able to try some famous jeju hallabong juice but it wasnt as good as we thought it would be so that was sad. it turned out to be a very rainy day!
Tuesday we were able to go iwth a menber to quickly visit a less active that was really nice we were able to share a short message from General Conference and invite her to come to FHE withher kids i hope that she can come! AFter that we went o meet a new lady that we recieved a contact form she has two sons and wants us to teach them english. it was a good meeting she is a very nice lady adn is actually really interested inour church We were able to teach about hte Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith it was a good lesson adn we were able to invite her to chuirch and to be baptized she said that she would when she learns more. it was really cool. we were abelt o also teach english wiht her sons and htey were really cute they were nice kids. After them we were abel to do some finding it was good we were able to meet some people but most of the people we wtaked to rejected us so that was sad! It was kind of a herd night.
Wednesday We wentot visit the less active the owns the caffe she is the nicest person ever adn she gave us some really good lemon tea (not breaking the word of wisdom!) it was also a rainy day. we were able to watch a video with her. she really liked it adn i hope that we can see her progress adn continue to learn of Christ! After meeting her we went to the church adn were ablr ot have area meeting iwht the elders adn to meet the new elder inour area. after we went o meet with one of our investagtors adn it was a cool leson we had planned ot finish the restoratino but when we got there she told us that she was having a hard time and os we were able ot change the lesson and just focus on the power of prayer adn how we can overcome hard times though prayer! After we were able to do tracking again and we were able to give some people a book of mormom. but there were a lot of people that rejected us again but we were able to introduce ourself alot! i think that is the thing i can say the best in korean!! haha (because we use it so much!)
Thursday we were able to meet with one of our investigatiors she is really nice adn always gives us food or other stuff! We were able to have agood lesson with her adn then we went ot get "fried Food" with her! she got us really spicy fried stuffed peppers adn a bunch of other stuff it was good at frist but then i ate the hot pepper and felt like i was going ot die!! ahh os spicy! after meeting her we wento meet another investigator but when we got there she couldnt meet os that was sad! but we were able to go to visit a lessactive that we are focusin g on a lot! it was a good visit we asked her to help us wioth missionary work and inviting her friends to meet us. we also invited her to church!
Friday we were able to have District meeting! it was a really godo meeting i had to give the lesson on the korean learning it was good i was able to learn a lot as i prepared and then as i taught . we had a good chance to learn about how to increase our faith to reach the goals that we have as a mission. we also set some goals asd a district for the transfer. oh adn we were able to recive new beds so that as really nice but we had to take these huge beds back ont he bus that was a stuggle. after we were abel to meet with the nam won familoy adn teach about how to be girded byt he spirit. today was also a relaly crazy day as we were walking ot the bus in the morning we say one investigator adn one less active then as we came back from jeju we saw to same investiagtor adn then a member say us with our new beds and was ablet o give us a ride home then we saw another investagtor and then another lady that we had met int he same place two times! it was a crazy day we ran into a lotof the people we meet.
Saturdy we were able ot have engish class adn teach our investigator again it was good we showed a video an\bou tthe plan of salvaion. then she took us again to get fired food it was once again reallly spicy and made my stomach hurt form the oil. but she is a good persom we wer aslos able to meet iwht our new investagator family from tuesday with the elders and we invited her to church but hse didnt come. we were able to have a really good lesson adn i think that she wil become a really good investigator adn that she and her sons will be ablet o feel of hte truth of the gospel! after we were able to do some morew tracking adn it was another day where everyone ignored the missionaries they were really not willing ot listen to us to that was hard.
Sunday we had churchj adn it was really good we were alble tto have a lessactivcve there adn she was really happy to be there i was abelt o play with some of the kids here ahhh they are so cute one little girl sang me a tratitional korean song taht was relaly cute! We were aleot do weekly planning adn then we went o visit adn investigatior but she was sick so we werent able t actually meet hert so we finished weekly planning and the n did some more tracking adn was alble to get one girls contact adn she was really interested.
today we went ot jeju city to have Zone  Conference with Prestident Barrow it was a really godo meeting we talked all about how we need to have the faith to accomplish the goal that we have. I relaly learned a lot adn i really feel that i am blessed to be her at this time! I I love missinary work adn am ready do the things that i need ot have my faith grow in order to do the Lords Work!
I hope all of you have a wonderfun Thanks Giving! im thankful for all of you! have a great week!
Sister THornley

we went to a waterfall and tood some pictures it was really windy so it felt like we got wet!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

November 15, 2015

Wow this week was really good we were able to do a lot of really good things. and we were also able to recive a "new Vision" from President Barrow... the new Vision is that every companionship in the Korea Busan mission gets one baptism every week!! wow that was kind of a crazy thought at first! when i heard this i though taht it is going ot be impossible but as we talked aboutit as a district we all decided that it is oging ot be some thing that we can do because it is the inspiration that Presisdent Barrow recieved for our mission. i think that it wil take a lot of hard work and faith but i know that because this is the Lords work then it will happen!  We will be having a lot of miracles with this new goal and i am excited to be part of this! President Barrow actually saw something simmilar in his mission so i know that it can happen!
Momday we went o the largest aquarioum in Asia!! that was reall cool! it was really fun and we got to take a lot of cool pictures adn i got to see dolphins jusp really high that wass really aweome! Tuesday we planned ot have service but then it got cancled so we had to make a new plan we were able ot visit a menber in the branch that was really nice.  we also went to visist another less active that actually intoduced us to one of her friends that w might be able to teach!
Wednesday was 배배로 day!! (beabearo) this korean snack that is chocloate covered skicks abd because it was Novenber 11 we got ot eat them adn give htem theo the people we visited. this was the dayt hat we heard about the mission vision so it was a very thoughful day. we all got to go find people ot teach and then we went o a meat buffet together it was really good but i couldnt eat very much! After we came back adn went ot visit a menbers wife that is a nonmember but we wernt able to actually visit her so that was sad! bgut we visited another investigtor it waas good we were abel to teach the restoration.
Thurday we went to visit anothher less active but we couldn talk to her very much because she was busy with her caffe that she owns. then we met with another investigator and were abelto tach english. i really dont know how to tach english! i feel like i cant speak it any more! and i dont understand how it works! haha but them we had to come home adn deep claen our house. it was good i like being about to have our house clean! we also ordered chicken!! ahahh korean chicken is so good!!! It was also tranfer call night! ahh i reall didnt want ot leave this area! we got a call from President Barrow adn normally if he calls that means that you are goign ot be training or get anohter calling. but wehn we tlaked ot hin he said he got the wrong number!! ahhh it was crazy!!! we are staying her in Seogwipo together!! yay!
Friday we had mcm and were aboet ot talk  abotuhowo we can get the one baptism a weekand that we need the members help ! it was really good today was also a very rainy day i got so wet!!! haha we were also able to do weekly planning then we wento find some  pople to teach. we were abel to find one person but she isnt answering or call anymore... sad!
Saturday we had english class! it was good we wre abel to tack adn then share a message. it was good we walso got to go visit the Nam won familoy thye are the family of kids they were crazy! btu we were abelt o play with them and then we had them do a little quiz for the message! we also were abelt o have FHE and that was really good we played osne really fun games! we played the candy bar game adn eveyone loved it!
Sunday we had chruch adn we also went to pick up a lessactive to bring her ot chruch! it was good adn then we were able to have a branch counsel meeting adn the menberes were really good about seeing htat they need to help us find people to teach! it was a really good day we were abelt o go finid again but itiwas a day where everyone ignored the missionaries... sad!
I really love misisonary work adn the things i am learning!
Sister THornley!

November 8, 2015

Hello everyone!
This was a godo week we were able to see some pretty godo things happen here in seogwipo!
Monday we were able ot go to jeju city and go shopping  it was relaly fun we went in this underground shooping place! taht was pretty cool it was actually a pretty big shopping area! after that we can back and were able to have area meeting with the elders and we were able to plan an activity for the youth in our branch i think it will be good!
Tuesday we went to service!!! we got to pick the manderian oranges!!!! ahhh it was so fun at first and then after about two hours we all got really sick of it! but we were able to to really help this family so it was good! we ended up being there for a really long ltime!! it was kind of crazy but alos fun! after that we cane back adn had dinner adn then we were abel to make the long walk home!
wednesday we went ot district meeting. but as we were walking ot the bus stop we saw a maybe 12 year old girl get hit but a huge tour bus but luckly the bus wasnt going very fast adn the girl was able to walk away from it! aahhhh it was so scary! district meetin g was relaly good i was able to learn a lot we tlaked about baptism adn the way that we can improve in our teaching ot helop people recieve baptism. it was good thaej\n we came  back wand were able to meet a less cative sister she is really nice then we went to the city hall to change my address.. that was a stuggle we had ot treanslate a paper into korean btu they accepetd it adn i was able to become aresident of jeju islad finally!! haha then we went and visited another less active it was a good meeting as well. Thursday we were able to meet with our new investgator it was godo but i leaned that i dont know english or Korean!!! hahah its relaly hard  to teah english when you feel like you dont know how to properly use it anyomre!! haha then we went and visited to less active sisiters that when we first meet with them they werer reallyu rude andbut we were able to meet them adn it was actually really good we invited them to church adn we also to have another meeting next week it was actually really good !
Friday we went to visit a menber but we werent able to find her house so yeah that wasnt good but then we went ot visit another member and we were abletlo leave a messsage with them. After hat we went to namwon witht he elders adn were able to teach those kids. they were kind of crazy as usual and then it started to rain really hard ot we had to leave adn run to to the bus stop ing the rain!
Saturday we were abelt o have english class adn also meet with out\r investigotor again it was a relay godo class we were ablet o wathc a video for the message and she really liked it! today was also a relaly really rainy day!!we were also abole to meet another invesitgaort adn them have FHE it was realy fun we played a lot of games adn shared amessage!
Sunday we were abletoi to have to less actives form thursday ccome. they were kind of crazy adn then we were abelt o go to the beach with the primary and when we were there one of the little boys 3 years old told me htat he loved me!! haha so cute!! After church we did weekly planning adn thenm we went o to  dinner appointment! it was relaly good i rellly like the famly hat we went with! 
This week was relaly good i learned alot! todya we are going ot go to the learges squarrium in asia!! so that willl be relaly awesoem! Im excited!~
SIster THornley
ps sorry for the bad spelling!!