Friday, December 18, 2015

December 14, 2015

     This week was so good!! it was kind of different but really good! First i have som ecrazy news! this week because my companion is going home on the 17th i will have to be getting a new compaion early before the transfer ends.. so iwas really nervous about that adn that i might have to learve this area taht i have really grown to love! so i recieved a call this week adn i was told that i will be going to an area called andong for the rest of the transfer with another sister thats compnion is allso going home (Sister Hurley my trainer). so i will be goign to a new area for 10 days adn then as far as i know coiming back to Seogwipo for the next transfer! ao taht will be crazy we will be goign to busan on wednesday adn then we will have a christmas meeting adn theni will be going to a new area to finish the transfer! I will be with Sister Yang Hanbeet (Koean 양한빗) it will be an adventure!
      This week was really good i will have to keep it short today becasue of time. I will tell of one really cool experience that we had! one day we hada lot of time so we were out on the steet talking to people and as we were talking to one lady we saw the elders walk passed us  btu we didnt really talk to them so we finished talking to the lady adn them left to go talk to the elders and when we waled up to them there was another tow ladies adn a child that started talkign to them first (in english) adn said the thye had say them down the road adn follwed them until they caught up to them and that they wanted to meet the sister Misssionaries!! at theat point we hadnt said anithing but htem the elders we able to say taht we were right there. so we got to meet them adn we found out that the ladies are sisters adn that one is a member but less active and aht the other is not a member but that they met witht he missionaries a lon gtime ago adn got a good feeling and becasue the non members life is hard right now she wanted to meet us again to get the same good feeling! so we were able to get their number and talk to them. it was really cool! we will be able to meet them tomorrow (tuesday) also our last day int he area! It will be really good i really do feel that we were ment to find them but i am scared for what will happen when there arent sisters in the area for the 10 days! i really do need ot come back to this area! but i know that God has a plan for this area adn for me I Love this work adn the things that i am learning!
    Another Good part form this week we were able to meet with a less active sister that is really amaxing i love her so much she has really became a good firend to me. adn as we were talking we talked about when this sister gets married that she would pay for my plane ticket form america to come to her wedding!! hahahaha how amzing is that i want to hold her to that so ican come back!
     We were also able to watch the First Presidency Christmas Message with the Branc h on sunday but I didnt really get to enjoy much more than the misic becasue it was all in korean so that my companion could listen to it! that was kind of sad to not get to actually hear the message but maybe i will get to read it later!
  We were also able to meet one lady on the street and give her a BOM and while we were with her she read some of it and after told us that when she reads the bible it is really hard to understand but when she read the BOM that is was easier to understand sot aht was a really cool experience i really love this area! 
   I love this work adn i know that i am supposed to be here at this time I really  really do love the koean people adn the love that they are able to give to me as well! i wil miss Sister Kim YeJi after she goes home but i loof forward to the adventurs left here in Korea!
Sister Thornley!

The amazing members! This little boy is my favorite!! THis is also a less active sister that is really fun! sh ecame to church this week! YAY!

Our fun pday!

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