Friday, December 18, 2015

November 23, 2015

Wow this week was a very busy week we were able to do a lot of good this week adn i was abelt o learn a lot!
Momday was the start of a new transfer and it is my companions last trnsfer of her mission so it will be sadto see her go but I love this work and the things i am learning! Monday we were able to go to a waterfalll that is really close to our church and take some pictures it was realy fun even though it was just me and my companion we were able to try some famous jeju hallabong juice but it wasnt as good as we thought it would be so that was sad. it turned out to be a very rainy day!
Tuesday we were able to go iwth a menber to quickly visit a less active that was really nice we were able to share a short message from General Conference and invite her to come to FHE withher kids i hope that she can come! AFter that we went o meet a new lady that we recieved a contact form she has two sons and wants us to teach them english. it was a good meeting she is a very nice lady adn is actually really interested inour church We were able to teach about hte Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith it was a good lesson adn we were able to invite her to chuirch and to be baptized she said that she would when she learns more. it was really cool. we were abelt o also teach english wiht her sons and htey were really cute they were nice kids. After them we were abel to do some finding it was good we were able to meet some people but most of the people we wtaked to rejected us so that was sad! It was kind of a herd night.
Wednesday We wentot visit the less active the owns the caffe she is the nicest person ever adn she gave us some really good lemon tea (not breaking the word of wisdom!) it was also a rainy day. we were able to watch a video with her. she really liked it adn i hope that we can see her progress adn continue to learn of Christ! After meeting her we went to the church adn were ablr ot have area meeting iwht the elders adn to meet the new elder inour area. after we went o meet with one of our investagtors adn it was a cool leson we had planned ot finish the restoratino but when we got there she told us that she was having a hard time and os we were able ot change the lesson and just focus on the power of prayer adn how we can overcome hard times though prayer! After we were able to do tracking again and we were able to give some people a book of mormom. but there were a lot of people that rejected us again but we were able to introduce ourself alot! i think that is the thing i can say the best in korean!! haha (because we use it so much!)
Thursday we were able to meet with one of our investigatiors she is really nice adn always gives us food or other stuff! We were able to have agood lesson with her adn then we went ot get "fried Food" with her! she got us really spicy fried stuffed peppers adn a bunch of other stuff it was good at frist but then i ate the hot pepper and felt like i was going ot die!! ahh os spicy! after meeting her we wento meet another investigator but when we got there she couldnt meet os that was sad! but we were able to go to visit a lessactive that we are focusin g on a lot! it was a good visit we asked her to help us wioth missionary work and inviting her friends to meet us. we also invited her to church!
Friday we were able to have District meeting! it was a really godo meeting i had to give the lesson on the korean learning it was good i was able to learn a lot as i prepared and then as i taught . we had a good chance to learn about how to increase our faith to reach the goals that we have as a mission. we also set some goals asd a district for the transfer. oh adn we were able to recive new beds so that as really nice but we had to take these huge beds back ont he bus that was a stuggle. after we were abel to meet with the nam won familoy adn teach about how to be girded byt he spirit. today was also a relaly crazy day as we were walking ot the bus in the morning we say one investigator adn one less active then as we came back from jeju we saw to same investiagtor adn then a member say us with our new beds and was ablet o give us a ride home then we saw another investagtor and then another lady that we had met int he same place two times! it was a crazy day we ran into a lotof the people we meet.
Saturdy we were able ot have engish class adn teach our investigator again it was good we showed a video an\bou tthe plan of salvaion. then she took us again to get fired food it was once again reallly spicy and made my stomach hurt form the oil. but she is a good persom we wer aslos able to meet iwht our new investagator family from tuesday with the elders and we invited her to church but hse didnt come. we were able to have a really good lesson adn i think that she wil become a really good investigator adn that she and her sons will be ablet o feel of hte truth of the gospel! after we were able to do some morew tracking adn it was another day where everyone ignored the missionaries they were really not willing ot listen to us to that was hard.
Sunday we had churchj adn it was really good we were alble tto have a lessactivcve there adn she was really happy to be there i was abelt o play with some of the kids here ahhh they are so cute one little girl sang me a tratitional korean song taht was relaly cute! We were aleot do weekly planning adn then we went o visit adn investigatior but she was sick so we werent able t actually meet hert so we finished weekly planning and the n did some more tracking adn was alble to get one girls contact adn she was really interested.
today we went ot jeju city to have Zone  Conference with Prestident Barrow it was a really godo meeting we talked all about how we need to have the faith to accomplish the goal that we have. I relaly learned a lot adn i really feel that i am blessed to be her at this time! I I love missinary work adn am ready do the things that i need ot have my faith grow in order to do the Lords Work!
I hope all of you have a wonderfun Thanks Giving! im thankful for all of you! have a great week!
Sister THornley

we went to a waterfall and tood some pictures it was really windy so it felt like we got wet!!

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