Monday, December 21, 2015

It's beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas!! December 20, 2015

Hello! this week was a week of changes!! Monday we were able to get all packed adn ready to go. We were able to have a good time getting all of our stuff ready! 
Tuesday was really good it was our last day in segwipo (English spelling is so hard!)  so we wanted to do as much as we could!  We were able to go to the post office adn get Sister Kims stuff mailed off to her house. Then we went  and were able to visit the sister that we met on the street the week before it was actually really good! She is really nice and was pretty responsive to our message. she said that she would read the BOM and that she would pry to help overcome the hard times so that was really good i knew that i would be sad that i couldn't meet with her for 10 days but i think she will be okay! after we were able to visit a less active adn theyfed us some food adn we were abelt to have a good time there! we ate the meat that is on a pigs foot.... yeah that was really weird! 
Wednesday we were able to take a bus ride to the airport adn on the way there it was snowing !!! ahh it was so pretty!!! it made me happy! when we go to the airport we were able to check in and them we just had to wait for a long time. the plane ride was so pretty!! we were literally on top of the clouds the whole time ahh so pretty!! i love it!  when we go to busan we had to walk to the office with all of our stuff that was really long walk!! and my bag was really heavy!! ahh i was so tired!! we were able to meet the other missionaries that were having the Christmas party and then we wen tout to eat lunch because we were really hungry we go tto talk to a lot of people and then we went on exchanges i got to go with sister Fiso again! that was really fun we had English class and then visited some members in their area that was really good they were really nice people! when we were together we were able to meet one really nice girl that was really interested so we gave her a BOM and got her contact i hope that they will be able to meet with her again!
Thursday we went back to the office adn were able to have our Christmas meeting! it was really good! i really learned so much there! We also got to watch 17 miracles at the end it was really fun! I love that movie! After the meeting i got to meet my new companion adn together we were able to travel to our house that is like a 3 hour travel!! it was so long and also really cold when we had to go outside! but we made it eventually! my arms were so dead from my suitcase by the end of the night! 
Friday we planned dot visit one person that lives really far away but  when then they canceled so we did  prep for our Christmas party! I twas really good! in andong we have done a lot of BoM lessons on the street! i really like it her and the things that i am learning i love my companion she is so awesome! 
i also found out that this area is a lot colder than my last area so i am really really cold! but its all good! i love missionary work!! 
I Hope you all have MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 
Sister Thornley! 

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