Friday, December 18, 2015

December 6, 2015

hello everyone!! this week was really good we were able to see some really great miracles and they will contunue to come this week!
Monday we had a really fun pday we went to a place taht looks like a creater! it was really cool but it wasnt what i was expecting to see! haha all of the pictures ive seen its reallly green adn pretty but it was kind of brown adn dry! After we were able ot do a lot of findign but we didnt have as much success as we wanted!
Tuesday we able to have a good meeting iwht the elders adboiut how we can use the new christmas video to find pople to teach! we are goign to have an event that we will invite peple to tha tthey can come adn learn more about the church. adn meet members adn the members can bring friends to. it was really good we came us with some really good ideas im excited to seee it work out! after we went adn visited adn investigator for a short time. after we ate korean sweet potato pizza for dinner!! ahh it is so good i think it is one of my favortie pizzas now!! haha after we had lot of time to find pople! it was hard but we talekd to a lot of people and were abl eot give out a book of mormon. i cant remeber very much beacuse we did so much finding this week with not a lot of success.
Wednesday we had district meeting nd were abelt ot practice singign for when we all to caroling together to try adn get new people to teach! it was fun i relaly love christmas songs adn the feeling that they give! at the meeting we were able to have cupcakes because it was my companions birthday a week ago! that was really good! i was ableto t learn so much there i really like the things that we learn tit was good we talked aut how we need to be sharign the blessings that we recieve with all of the people that we meet with! After we visited a less active! she is so sweet i love her so much! we talked about reading the BOM and the things that she can learn from it ! she iwas so nicew ! While we were there it started to rain like crazy!! i was glad taht we werent outside!! hahaha after we went to visit an investigator but we were only able to talk to her less active son and learn that she is really sick adn hurts so that was sad. i hope that we are able to find a way to help her! after we went o visit a member but she wasnt home so we had to do some finding adn were able to give another BOM adn meet some godo people! it shard weverytime we give out things and then nothing comes of them adn the time but maybe some day they will have interest and call after i leave this area! I really think that will happen someday!
turdaay we were abl eto find anew service project for us! it will be good we will be helping elderly people! so taht will be good to have! after we went ot visit a less active but when went we had the wrong address or she had moved! so that was sad! we were then able to take a long bus ride to our branch presidents house so that we wuld help his wife make kimchi!!!! yay!! that was so much fun! it is actually hard work though! they litterally pput the spice stuff on all of the cabbage leaves so it takes a long time adn they make so much!!!! we hardly made a dent in the amount they will do ! i ate so much kimchi that day!! as we were making it adn then after for dinner!! when we went ot go home we had to wait for the bus for 40 min. adn it was really really cold!!!  but it was okay becaause when the bus came it was really warm!!
Friday we were able to have mcm adn then eat lucnh it was good we ate so much food!!! we also did weekly planing adn then visited another less active she is so funny!! we had a good lesson aout prayer adn reminded her to pray. she is making some progress so its really good!
Saturday we were ablr to go to a farm adn help an investigator pik their furit! it was good but we were there for a really long time!!! we were able to talk about hte BOM and start to teach more about the chuch! we were also able to visit some other investigators for a short time and gave them a card to watch the new christmas video! so that will be good it they can wtch it! then we visited a member but she wasnt there it was ol\nly her son so we just had to visit on the door step for a short time. then we did some finding. adn ate dinner we talked to so many people but they werent very intersted!
Sunday we went o piuck up a less active to take her to chrurch with us to was good she was able to come! church was good but it was kind of sad when the girl sitting next to me took the scarament bread and saw that it hade mold on it..... so that was unplesant because i had already eaten it! but iguess because it was blessed it was okay! haha we were abelt o thave a dinner appointment with a member it was good this family is really awesoeme! Afte dinner on our way home we got a text from a potential investigator asking if we can come todinner today(monday) this person hasd nt anyweed our calls at all!! so this was really awesoeme! it wil be a good week!! have a good week everyone!!
Sister Thornley!

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