Friday, December 18, 2015

November 29, 2015

wow this week was really good, but it turned out really really cold!! we were able to do a lot of good things!
monday we had zone conference it was really good and i already talked about it last week. i really learned a lot this week from the things that we talked about there! I really feel that i am supposed ot be here at this time!
Tuesday we were abl eto have the rest of our pday! it was really good we went to a waterfall! it was really pretty! i really like it her in jeju there are so many pretty things that are so colse!! after that we went to the churcha and watched part of the restioration video! i relaly love that video adn i really can feel the spirit when i watch it! i really do know that this church is true adn that Joesph Smith was called by God. After we were able to meet with one of our investigators adn we were able to teach english to her son and then we taught the plan of salvation! it was a relaly good leson the son had a lot of relaly good questions and was really interested in the message adn really understood it well and basically re taught it to us afr\ter! it was cute! we also tried to go visit adnother investigator but they werent home os we werent able tto mee them. so we were able to do some prosiliting... and one of the ladies we talked to we told her hwer we were going adn because it was really far she gave us a ride!! That was kind of cool but she seemed like she only has english interest but maybe we will be able to meet her again!
Wednesday was Sister Kim Yeji's birthday!! yay!! os we were able to go to lunch with the elders and have a little 'Party' for her!! it was fun. after that we went to visit a less active that owns the caffe! when we went there she gave us a really good orange and other fruit dirnk adn also a really really good apple pie!! ahh it was really good! i was happy to have pie on the week of thenksgiving!! haha we were able to have ashort message with her and invite her to read a part of the book of mormon so that will hopefully help her! after that we had a lot of time!!! So we walked a lot! but when we were walkingit was really really cold!!! ahhh so cold!! i was really wishing that i had more warm clothes on!! haha it also was really windy adn was raining a little so i was frozen!! haha we were able to do some more finding but because of the colod mot a lot of people wanted to talk to us!! AFter we were able to take a long bus ride to our branch presidents house to have dinner and when we go there they took us out to eat a meat restraunt!! ahh it was so good!! i relaly like how they cook th emeat here! its kind of cool they just bring out the raw meat adn then in the middle of the table is little grill thing and you cook the meatr yourself!! it was really good!! I ate so much food! then they took us home! oh and we planned to make kimchi sometime this week! so i adm really excited to be able to make kimchi this week!! haha
Thursday we Were able to have full study aand then we dressed warm adn went out to go try to find people to teach... we tried knoclking doors for the first time.. adn it wasnt very effective!! most people werent home or didnt want to listen... but i was happy that we were inside adt one point because it started to hale adn was really windy adn really cold!! We were aslo able to go to a bridge to find pople but there wasnt very many people beacuse it was so cold! after we went to the church adn were able to warm up adn get some papers to put in the book of mormons that we give out. Then we went to our next appointmenet adn as we were walking there we got rained on!! so we were alittle wet! but we were able to meet our investigatior adn it was good she is really nice but it was kind of hard to understand her and her house was really cold too!
Friday we were able to have mcm adn then we went to our service project picking fruit!! oh my goodness it was so cold!!! the gloves i had got wet and so the cold weater made my fingers feel frozen!! We were there for a really long time!! we picked so much fruit!! it was crazy to see how much fruit one tree can have!! After we were able to go with the member to our next appointment adn we were abel to visit a lessactive. it was godo we tlaked about how we can share the gospel with others. Their house was also really cold so it was hard tostay fouced because i couldnt feel my fingers adn toes the whole time!! but it was good
Saturday we were got to do some more service for a poteantial investigator!! yay we heloed them on their farm as well adn we were abelto pick so much fruit again!! but this time it wasnt as cold so i was really happy!! They are a really nice family and we will probably get to meet them again! After we went to the church and were able to have english class with our one english member.. it was good we were also able to teach her about the plan of salvation adn then she took us ot eat dinner it was really good! it was good to havesome warm food!! haha after that we went oand were able to meet with one of our investigators. it was good we invited her to read the book of mormon and then come to church. she is friends with one of our less actives so we want them to come to church together!! after we met her we had FHE with a family adn we were able to talk about chirstmas and whey we have it adn them we played missionary tag! it was really fun! we [played soem other games as well. then we waked home and we taked to some ladies and when we tried to give them a book of mormon they litterally ran away from us!! that was kind of fun!! haha today i alos got a Korean Name from my aweosme compaion!! its 한송이 han song ee it is used when counting flowers so it litterally means one flower! kind of cool!
Sunday was really good we were able to have church and then we went to visit alady but beacse her bak husrts she couldnbt open to door to letus in! so that was sad then we did weekl;y planning adn went ot a dinner appointment! it was relaly good! i ate so much food! we had rice adn veggies!
It was a relaly good week i relaly learned a lto that i dint include! i love missionary work adn being here in korea even though it is reallly cold!! i hope that all of you havea good week!
Sister Thornely

WE were able to go to another waterfall that is alos really colse to the church! it was really pretty!

This is an apple pie that a less active gave us! it was really good adn made me happy beacuse i go tto eat pie the day before thanksgiving! haha

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