Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30, 2015

Another great week I learned so much about how i need to rely on the spirit while teaching lessons. We taught a lesson to our teacher without our notes and that lesson was really good. It came out mostly in English but we used the Korean words that we knew so it was good. We also taught a TRC lesson and the spirit was strong even though we couldn't understand very well we taught to her needs. I was able to share the D&C 121:7-8 about how ow our trials are only for a short time and that really touched her. so that was awesome! on Sunday i had to teach relief society. that was good as well i was really nervous because the presidents wife was in there too so i wanted to make sure it was good. haha Also on Sunday Sister Fiso was called to talk in sacrament meeting! that was funny she called herself baptism! but she did a really good job! There was also a Sunday devotional with Via SIkahema (a sports anchor). That was really good he talked a lot about how missionary work can be used even after or mission. I learned so much from him. 
   I love being here and learning more about the gospel. I learn new things everyday! We were given the chance to think of a question and were asked to study to Book of Mormon to find our answers. that was awesome! I loved it. I was able to find the answers i was looking for! 
  we also got to host the new sisters yesterday! That was so fun! But also sad because i remembered when I was in their position. The Sister that I hosted was from Logan and as i was talking to them her dad asked what my name was so told him Thornley and he asked like Todd Thornley? I told him that he was my uncle. So yeah that was cool! I think the last name was WIlcox. 
   we had another devotional on Tuesday from Donald L. Hallstrom of the 70 and that was amazing. he talked a lot about how we need to be converted before we start asking other people to be converted. it was an amazing talk i learned so much. We also got some new missionaries that are from Korea this week! YAY there is 4 elders and only 1 sister. I absolutely Love her!! she is so sweet! I just wish that i could speak more Korean so that i could actually talk to her. Her English isn't very good and my Korean isn't very good so our conversations are very short and broken but she is amazing! She has am amazing love for the gospel and a strong desire to serve! The Elders are great too! So because of my calling I had to be there when we did an orientation with them and told about the MTC and everything that we do here and we had to do it in Korean!!! I was supposed to introduce myself in Korean and normally i would have been able to but under the pressure it came out mostly in English and i just had to hope that they understood what i was saying! oh and at the end i had to say the closing prayer! that was scary. It was a very short prayer! but I think i said everything right! hopefully this language will come with time and study! 
     I have learned so much this week and I still love my companions they are great! I am also to grateful for my teachers and for the way that they are able to see what we need and are able to give us inspiration when we need it! I am still doing good and loving being here! I hope everything is good there at home! Have a wonderful week! 
     -Sister Thornley 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hello! well this week was full of stuff! We learned a lot of new grammar forms and how to form sentences. THat is kind of hard and confusing but it will be good to know it will take a lot of practice to get everything right. We got to go to the temple on p day that is so amazing I love going i learn so such there. we get to go again today! YAY. we also had our first TRC on friday. That was so stressful! I felt so overwhelmed and like i hadn't learned any Korean at all!! BUt it can only get better so that is great! Saturday was a really hard day! we gave a lesson and it didn't go as planned we were so unprepared and didn't know what was going on so after the lesson our teacher called us back in and talked to us about how the lesson went. He asked me specifically how i felt i said it was good because i didn't want to say how i really felt but he asked again and i got tears in my eyes as i said that is wasn't as good as i wanted it to be. HE talked a lot about how we need to become better in our ways of teaching. I could tell that he was in tune with the spirit was he was talking because everything he said was right on about how i was feeling. I was stressed about my calling as sister Training leader and about feeling qualified to be serving a mission but he told  us that all of us are called to Korea For a reason and that if we trust in the lord we will be able to accomplish anything.I really felt blessed to have such a wonderful teacher that was able to see my needs and see that i wasnt doing as well as i was showing. after that talk i really did begin to feel better.  Sunday was very good I learned so much from the talks that were given. I Really have the best branch presidency every! They all are so in tune with the spirit and know exactly what all of us need to here. I also really like that we get to walk to the Temple and so see o f it s beauty I took pictures that i will send today! I haso will send some of my companions. Monday was very different especially because the older group left that day so the hallways were very empty! But its okay now because we got a new district yesterday!! I can Already tell that they will be fun and very hard working missionaries! Im sorry this is short today but i will send pictures and work on some personal letters! I'm doing very good now! and thank you all for the support you give to me! 
   Sister Thornley!

 My name Tags!!! 
 My district and the presidents Wife!
and my companions! the dark haired one is Sister Fiso and the other one Sister Amende. I love them both!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Second Week!!

What a busy week. This week was awesome I really learned a lot about how to be a good missionary. I had a lot of good experiences. Its also a good thing that making mistakes is a good way to learn, because i make mistakes all the time!! I love my companions they are still amazing! we are getting alone good still! i love all of my teachers they are very good at helping us with everything we need. they are good about watching for what we really need. 
   So funny story.. me and one of my companions was withing for my other companion while she was in the bathroom well we were trying to say CTR with a Korean accent. in Korean they don't have a hard c sound its more of an s and its said ind of like "she" they do have a t sound its just not used very often they also have the r sound. well we tried to blend those sounds together and it came out  wrong and sounded like we said s swear word!! oops! it was s funny though.
   One of my companions doesn't like american food because she said it is too sweet and that everything in america is sweated and that i need to try the food in New Zealand. she is also very picky abut her food and takes forever to get her food at lunch! haha thats kind of hard... haha 
   I also might become very good at volleyball by the time i leave the MTC because i play it almost every gym time! i don't know if thats good or bad! haha. 
   The language is coming good ish... its hard because everything my teachers says sounds the same and it sounds so familiar but i cant remember what it means... but it will come with time! I feel a lot better about reading Korean now so thats good. 
  The older group in my branch is leaving for korean this coming Monday so they are nervous and excited We will also be getting a new group on Wednesday so that will be awesome im excited to not be the new ones any more! 
   of my goodness i almost forgo tto tell everyone.... well you know how last week i said that i was the district sister training leader well i got released from that calling and but into be the Zone sister Training Leader!!!! AHHHHH even more stuff i have to do now!! I have a lot of meetings and interviews i have to do so thats crazy! but it will be good. The sister that i am replacing said that I just need to learn to love everyone and it will all work out how it is supposed to. 
 what a great week I love missionary work and learning more about the gospel! 
     Sister Thornley 

This is one of the sisters in the older class. she is also the Zone Sister Training leader so i get to do a lot with her!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The First week of the MTC!!!

Wow what a wonderful first week at the MTC! There is so much i want to say but not enough time. I have Learned so much already. The korean is hard but still coming okay. I can read the Korean Book of mormon I cant understand it all but i can read  it. I can say a prayer in korean, its a very broken prayer and very simple but the meaning is till there. I am in a trio companionship.  They are amazing girls and i love them both. Sister Amende is from new Zealand and Sister Fiso is from Australia so thats pretty cool. there is only 5 girls in my District and no elders. That is nice because it helps us stay on task better. 
  So the second day we had a meeting with our branch presidency. They are amazing people. All of them served as mission presidents in Korea. They had an interview with each one of us and after they came back in and was calling one of us to be the district leader. Guess who it is... yep me. I kind of have mixed feelings about that. It added a lot to my plate but it will be good for me to help manage my time and to help all of us grow closer together.  It pretty cool though because i get to check the mail box everyday now. (i expect there to be letters for me! ;)) 
  they had us teach our first Investigator on friday That was crazy hard especially because our Korean isn't very good yet. we told her very simple sentences about the gospel and how god loves her. we have taught her 3 times now and will teach again tonight. they really have us moving fast here at the MTC. We have an awesome teacher! brother Christensen he served in korea. He really cares about each one of us and how we are doing both with korean and with the missionary life. I loved watching General COnference here. That really changed the way i listened and look for things that would apply to missionary work. I really liked the sunday morning session. They had us all in a huge room to watch conference. there are so many missionaries here.  There was a lot of things that applies to me personally. I learned so much. Sunday night they had a devotional that the BYU Vocal Point came to sing to us! that was really good they sang a few songs that weren't church related but also church related songs. I really liked they church ones because of the feeling they gave me. Its so amazing they feeling that music can bring to a room. 
   I am doing very good physically and mentally. I have had a lot of fun with my companions. one morning we went to a sisters only work out class and they had us sprint across the gym well me and Sister Fiso had this unspoken race. As we got closer to the wall I looked over at her and next hing i know she trips and falls into the wall! I felt so bad but it was also very funny. i was happy that she was okay. oh and I totally won the Race! I love it here and everything is going good. I am hoping that the korean starts to come faster! I hope you all had a great week. 
   Sister Thornley! 
ps Bryan i'm sill waiting for my SD card and Flash Drive