Thursday, April 9, 2015

The First week of the MTC!!!

Wow what a wonderful first week at the MTC! There is so much i want to say but not enough time. I have Learned so much already. The korean is hard but still coming okay. I can read the Korean Book of mormon I cant understand it all but i can read  it. I can say a prayer in korean, its a very broken prayer and very simple but the meaning is till there. I am in a trio companionship.  They are amazing girls and i love them both. Sister Amende is from new Zealand and Sister Fiso is from Australia so thats pretty cool. there is only 5 girls in my District and no elders. That is nice because it helps us stay on task better. 
  So the second day we had a meeting with our branch presidency. They are amazing people. All of them served as mission presidents in Korea. They had an interview with each one of us and after they came back in and was calling one of us to be the district leader. Guess who it is... yep me. I kind of have mixed feelings about that. It added a lot to my plate but it will be good for me to help manage my time and to help all of us grow closer together.  It pretty cool though because i get to check the mail box everyday now. (i expect there to be letters for me! ;)) 
  they had us teach our first Investigator on friday That was crazy hard especially because our Korean isn't very good yet. we told her very simple sentences about the gospel and how god loves her. we have taught her 3 times now and will teach again tonight. they really have us moving fast here at the MTC. We have an awesome teacher! brother Christensen he served in korea. He really cares about each one of us and how we are doing both with korean and with the missionary life. I loved watching General COnference here. That really changed the way i listened and look for things that would apply to missionary work. I really liked the sunday morning session. They had us all in a huge room to watch conference. there are so many missionaries here.  There was a lot of things that applies to me personally. I learned so much. Sunday night they had a devotional that the BYU Vocal Point came to sing to us! that was really good they sang a few songs that weren't church related but also church related songs. I really liked they church ones because of the feeling they gave me. Its so amazing they feeling that music can bring to a room. 
   I am doing very good physically and mentally. I have had a lot of fun with my companions. one morning we went to a sisters only work out class and they had us sprint across the gym well me and Sister Fiso had this unspoken race. As we got closer to the wall I looked over at her and next hing i know she trips and falls into the wall! I felt so bad but it was also very funny. i was happy that she was okay. oh and I totally won the Race! I love it here and everything is going good. I am hoping that the korean starts to come faster! I hope you all had a great week. 
   Sister Thornley! 
ps Bryan i'm sill waiting for my SD card and Flash Drive

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