Thursday, April 16, 2015

Second Week!!

What a busy week. This week was awesome I really learned a lot about how to be a good missionary. I had a lot of good experiences. Its also a good thing that making mistakes is a good way to learn, because i make mistakes all the time!! I love my companions they are still amazing! we are getting alone good still! i love all of my teachers they are very good at helping us with everything we need. they are good about watching for what we really need. 
   So funny story.. me and one of my companions was withing for my other companion while she was in the bathroom well we were trying to say CTR with a Korean accent. in Korean they don't have a hard c sound its more of an s and its said ind of like "she" they do have a t sound its just not used very often they also have the r sound. well we tried to blend those sounds together and it came out  wrong and sounded like we said s swear word!! oops! it was s funny though.
   One of my companions doesn't like american food because she said it is too sweet and that everything in america is sweated and that i need to try the food in New Zealand. she is also very picky abut her food and takes forever to get her food at lunch! haha thats kind of hard... haha 
   I also might become very good at volleyball by the time i leave the MTC because i play it almost every gym time! i don't know if thats good or bad! haha. 
   The language is coming good ish... its hard because everything my teachers says sounds the same and it sounds so familiar but i cant remember what it means... but it will come with time! I feel a lot better about reading Korean now so thats good. 
  The older group in my branch is leaving for korean this coming Monday so they are nervous and excited We will also be getting a new group on Wednesday so that will be awesome im excited to not be the new ones any more! 
   of my goodness i almost forgo tto tell everyone.... well you know how last week i said that i was the district sister training leader well i got released from that calling and but into be the Zone sister Training Leader!!!! AHHHHH even more stuff i have to do now!! I have a lot of meetings and interviews i have to do so thats crazy! but it will be good. The sister that i am replacing said that I just need to learn to love everyone and it will all work out how it is supposed to. 
 what a great week I love missionary work and learning more about the gospel! 
     Sister Thornley 

This is one of the sisters in the older class. she is also the Zone Sister Training leader so i get to do a lot with her!

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