Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hello! well this week was full of stuff! We learned a lot of new grammar forms and how to form sentences. THat is kind of hard and confusing but it will be good to know it will take a lot of practice to get everything right. We got to go to the temple on p day that is so amazing I love going i learn so such there. we get to go again today! YAY. we also had our first TRC on friday. That was so stressful! I felt so overwhelmed and like i hadn't learned any Korean at all!! BUt it can only get better so that is great! Saturday was a really hard day! we gave a lesson and it didn't go as planned we were so unprepared and didn't know what was going on so after the lesson our teacher called us back in and talked to us about how the lesson went. He asked me specifically how i felt i said it was good because i didn't want to say how i really felt but he asked again and i got tears in my eyes as i said that is wasn't as good as i wanted it to be. HE talked a lot about how we need to become better in our ways of teaching. I could tell that he was in tune with the spirit was he was talking because everything he said was right on about how i was feeling. I was stressed about my calling as sister Training leader and about feeling qualified to be serving a mission but he told  us that all of us are called to Korea For a reason and that if we trust in the lord we will be able to accomplish anything.I really felt blessed to have such a wonderful teacher that was able to see my needs and see that i wasnt doing as well as i was showing. after that talk i really did begin to feel better.  Sunday was very good I learned so much from the talks that were given. I Really have the best branch presidency every! They all are so in tune with the spirit and know exactly what all of us need to here. I also really like that we get to walk to the Temple and so see o f it s beauty I took pictures that i will send today! I haso will send some of my companions. Monday was very different especially because the older group left that day so the hallways were very empty! But its okay now because we got a new district yesterday!! I can Already tell that they will be fun and very hard working missionaries! Im sorry this is short today but i will send pictures and work on some personal letters! I'm doing very good now! and thank you all for the support you give to me! 
   Sister Thornley!

 My name Tags!!! 
 My district and the presidents Wife!
and my companions! the dark haired one is Sister Fiso and the other one Sister Amende. I love them both!!

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