Friday, November 20, 2015

November 8, 2015

Hello everyone!
This was a godo week we were able to see some pretty godo things happen here in seogwipo!
Monday we were able ot go to jeju city and go shopping  it was relaly fun we went in this underground shooping place! taht was pretty cool it was actually a pretty big shopping area! after that we can back and were able to have area meeting with the elders and we were able to plan an activity for the youth in our branch i think it will be good!
Tuesday we went to service!!! we got to pick the manderian oranges!!!! ahhh it was so fun at first and then after about two hours we all got really sick of it! but we were able to to really help this family so it was good! we ended up being there for a really long ltime!! it was kind of crazy but alos fun! after that we cane back adn had dinner adn then we were abel to make the long walk home!
wednesday we went ot district meeting. but as we were walking ot the bus stop we saw a maybe 12 year old girl get hit but a huge tour bus but luckly the bus wasnt going very fast adn the girl was able to walk away from it! aahhhh it was so scary! district meetin g was relaly good i was able to learn a lot we tlaked about baptism adn the way that we can improve in our teaching ot helop people recieve baptism. it was good thaej\n we came  back wand were able to meet a less cative sister she is really nice then we went to the city hall to change my address.. that was a stuggle we had ot treanslate a paper into korean btu they accepetd it adn i was able to become aresident of jeju islad finally!! haha then we went and visited another less active it was a good meeting as well. Thursday we were able to meet with our new investgator it was godo but i leaned that i dont know english or Korean!!! hahah its relaly hard  to teah english when you feel like you dont know how to properly use it anyomre!! haha then we went and visited to less active sisiters that when we first meet with them they werer reallyu rude andbut we were able to meet them adn it was actually really good we invited them to church adn we also to have another meeting next week it was actually really good !
Friday we went to visit a menber but we werent able to find her house so yeah that wasnt good but then we went ot visit another member and we were abletlo leave a messsage with them. After hat we went to namwon witht he elders adn were able to teach those kids. they were kind of crazy as usual and then it started to rain really hard ot we had to leave adn run to to the bus stop ing the rain!
Saturday we were abelt o have english class adn also meet with out\r investigotor again it was a relay godo class we were ablet o wathc a video for the message and she really liked it! today was also a relaly really rainy day!!we were also abole to meet another invesitgaort adn them have FHE it was realy fun we played a lot of games adn shared amessage!
Sunday we were abletoi to have to less actives form thursday ccome. they were kind of crazy adn then we were abelt o go to the beach with the primary and when we were there one of the little boys 3 years old told me htat he loved me!! haha so cute!! After church we did weekly planning adn thenm we went o to  dinner appointment! it was relaly good i rellly like the famly hat we went with! 
This week was relaly good i learned alot! todya we are going ot go to the learges squarrium in asia!! so that willl be relaly awesoem! Im excited!~
SIster THornley
ps sorry for the bad spelling!!

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