Friday, November 20, 2015

November 1, 2015

Wow this week went by really fast!!
monday was really awesome! I really love Jeju it is os pretty!! I want to see the rest of it! hahaha
Tuesday we Did a lot of prosiliting.... that was a really long day but we were able to talk to some really nice people we also go tot meet with a former investigator. it was kind of intersting she has actually been a missionary for a different church in a lot of different places but when we met her it was really good. I think we will be able to meet her again and help her. she kind of taught us a lesson though so that was different being the one getting taught not teaching! haha after them we met the STL's becuse they can to jeju for exchanges and we were able to be with them adn eat chicken!! ahhh korean Chicken is so good!!!
Wednesday we had sudy adn service it was really differnt havign 4 sisteris in our hosuse so we and sister Fiso ( my mtc companion) had to study on the floor! yeah that was weird. but we went o our service actuvity adn had to crawl under the trees adn open the fertilixer bags.. thast was crazy there were so many spiders it was reallly gross but also fun!! haha we shared a message with them and it was really good it ws fun being with sister fiso again but also kind of hard bwecause we are at the same level of korean so we had to try and understand people! haha it was really good aftet we did some more prosiliting and then came home adn had dinner.
Thursday we went to jeju city because we had Zone meeting! ahhh it was so good!!! we taled a lot about eternal families and they actually showed a video of our mothers sharing theier testimony of eternal family it was a relaly good meeting! after we went and ate the famous jeju soup it was really good i relaly like this soup its meat and noodles and then a little bit of seaweed. AFter tat we came back to seoguipo adn went o our sevice activity adn were able to pick op the trash around the members business them the fed us mud fish soup that stuff is interesting but the koreans love it!! haha
FRiday we had mcm adn them we went to eat at a chinese oplace adn there was a big bug in the food that was gross but we had to keeo eating it!! ahhh so crazyu! we also went and visited some new people so that ws good!
Satuday we had english class adn a halloween party at english class we had a new persom come adn we were abel to invite her to do our 30/.30 program so she becmee a new investigator! YAY!!!! Them we went yo jeju adn were able to have a party adn carve pumpkins adn eat yummy food adn play lots of games it was a relaly fun night!
Sunday we had church and were able to meet a new family that we have been trying ot meet fri along time now it was a really good lesson and we intvited the mother to get baptized adn she said she would when she knows morew so hat was really cool!
Today we are goign to go to jeju sity adn go shopping with the other missionaries so that will be fun I really love Korea and my mission i am learning os much i really can feel the belssings that this gospel gives to everyone! I hope you all have a good week!!
Sister Thornley
ps sorry the end was a little jumping around adn crazy to understand! haha

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