Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hello Everyone! October 25, 2015

This is going ot be a short email this week because of time. we were able to do a lot this week. We were focusing on the book of mormom and truying ot give it to the people we talked to. we were able to give out six in the week! btu only two of the people we think we can meet again. I really hope taht we can meet them.
This week i studied alot about the restoratiion aadn the i\history of the church it was am amazing experience i was able to really feel my testimony grow and see the real importance of the Gospel in the life of everyone!! I really do love missionary work and hope that all of you are doing good! I really do love seeing how much I can learn when i put my mind to learning. I have been able to see some improvement in my korean... very little... But i really do love be ing here in Korea servign these people they are the kindest people ever! TOday we went a tour of Jeju with one of the members! He was so nice and really wasnted to hepl us adn make sure hat we had a good time we were ablet o see only halp of the island so he wants to take us the rest of the way another pday. We were able to take some really cool pictures adn see alot of the Isaland! I LOVE KOREA!!!
Sister Thornley!

Pictures of the beach in Korea

 these statues are famous in jeju!!! they are everywhere!!!! they are supposed to be grandpas!! hahah
then its just a really pretty place that is actually at a hotel:)

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