Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Hawaii of Korea!!!! October 4, 2015

Well this week was a very eventful week!! This week was transfer
calls!!! so on thursday night they call all of the people that are
leaving and tell them where they will be going and who their companion
will be.. so I was expecting a call because I have been in ShinJeong
for a long time. so when we recieved the call i answered and they made
a big deal about it and then they told me taht i would be going to a
place that is surrounded by water..... They also told me that i would
be opening a new area for sisters (white washing) and then they
finally said that i would be going to Jeju island and in the city of
Seogwipo 서귀포!!! ahh and i wil have a korean Companion! her name is
sitster Kim YehJe 김예지 i dont really know her very much but it wil be
good! I am really excited! I will have to fly on  a plane to the
island so will be gong there at like 7;20 pm today. ahhh it will be
such a different experience!! I will have to learn so much! It will be
really good! I will really really really miss this area but i will
also really like my next one!
So about the week!! monday was a different day we only had a short
pday but it was good we didnt have FHE because of the holiday but we
were able to do some english prosliting it was good but really slow
not a whlole lot of people talked to us so that was kind of hard.
Tuesday we had the mission 5K/10K so we went to Busan for the day!! It
was so much fun! I did the 5k. ahh i stil really dont like running!!
haha but it was fun because i was able to talk to one of the korean
sisters that was really nice. we were able to have a really fun time
and they even fed us hamburgers and hot dogs so it was a very americam
meal it was so good but they added in the tpouch of kroean with
breaded sweet potatoes and some rice cake! haha it was really good!
after htat we played games and just had fun! we also had english
class! it was good there was a good amount of people that came so i
twas fun.
Wednesday we had district meeting ahh i really love it! Ilove being
able to learn from the other missionaries i have really felt my
tetimony grow because of it. We went o eat lunch after and it was
really good there is one elder that is so funny we were alll laughing
so hard that we were about ready to cry!! it was really good! After
that we went o visit a member but she wasnt home so we went to visit
another one and she was home and we were able ot share a message and
then she fed us dinner! it was actually really good food! (even though
it was fish!)
Thursday we had service it was good the old people are so fun i like
them. Ahh so when we clear the trays we dup all of the food into a
bucket adn then we have to move it to dump it well as they were moving
it some how it tipped over and all of the food trash went
everywhere!!!! ahh it was so gross!!! after service we were able to
meet sister Haun JeeYoung she is a less active. iti was good we teahc
her daughters english and its some times really hard becuase one of
the daughters only speaks Chinese.. yeah crazy! but we were able to
see talk to her and get ot know her better She told us that she might
be able to come to church the following week. we also told her that it
might be my last time seeing her... so that was really sad to say
goodbye! after that we came home and cleaned the house really god adn
then waited for the call. and found out that i would be going to the
Hawaii of Korea! so that was crazy we actually recieved a call from
president at like 10:34.. but he told us that he callled the wrong
number... yeah that was scary for sister Cunningham becausue when
presiddent calls htat means that you are going to be training and she
didnt really want ot train... hahaha it was crazy!!!
Friday we were able to get a call form sister cunninghams new
sompanion she will be with sister Cooper she was in the MTC with me.
Then i was able to pack and get all of my stuff ready to mail to
Jeju... korea is really awesome and has a way that you can just mail
all of oyu luggage so its really nice that i dont have to worry about
my bags and the plane and all of htat stuff.. we were also able to
meet Kim YoonEh for my last time. it was good she is so cute i love
her so much!
Saturday was good we were ableto have a good weekly planning and get
everything ready for sister Cunningham adn sister cooper. We also met
with the elders to practice a mucical number that we would sin gin
church. it was really good. then we had english class that was really
different because it was my last on in the area so i had to say
goodbye to all of them. But after we had a movie night for the branch
but only a few people came so that was sad but Sister Go YuMin came
AHHHHH i lov here so much! we wathced meet the Mormons adn she really
liked it. It is such a good movie i realy like it an i thought it was
good for Sister Go to see it! After that we went and got McDonalds
with her bacause it was my last night that we could do that with her.
so that was really fun she is so nice she gave me and sister
Cunningham a gift! It was really nice of her!
Sunday was good we had a meeting and hte branch President asked me and
elder smilth to share our testimony becuse we were bith leaving. it
was good whern i shared mine it was very simple but really hard
because ilookked at all of themembers adn realized how much i am going
ot miss them i actually almost started to cry as i looked at Go yuMin
and saw the light that was in her face, icould tell that is wasthe
light of christ that was now continaully in her life. After church i
had to say goodbye to all of them adn it was really sad it was really
hard to say goodbye so Go Yu Min but i will stay in contact with her.
We also were able to meet with Lee Chae Yun she is the high school
student that was really interested. IT was really good to meet her. we
were able to teach a lesson and them she gave me a really aweosme
gift! She was so cute and even wrote me a letter all in english( her
english isnt very good so it was cute to see her try!) I love korea
and i lov this area  i wil really miss it but it willl be good in
Seogwipo too! Ilov emy mission and the things i am learning!
Sister Thornley

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