Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 18, 2015

wow this week was really good. we were able to have some good experiences her in Seogwipo.
momday we had area meeting with the elders and then we realixed that we werent going ot have time to meet one family so we decided to go right them adn just randomly visit this person. so we all made the trip there and when we got there it seamed like they werent going ot amswer so we went around the hose to the back door adn knocked and a man opened he door adn invited us in. this man wasnt the person we wanted to visit. the person we wanted was a less active man that apparently lives in Seoul. but this was his father and he isnt a member so we were able to go in adn talk to this man and then his wife adn we were ablet o teach them a lesson and we offered them a book of mormom but they alread had one and they even had the April Conference Lihaona so taht was really cool i howp that we will get to meet them again! we might get to help them on their farm!
Tuesday we were ablet o meet a less active sister that works/owns a cafe. she was so nice and gave us our drinks for free adn then as we were talking wiht her she gave us some cake for free so that was really nice! this sister is super nice and i hope that we will be able to help her adn her whole family come back to church. we also went ot visist another less active with the elders but the less active  wasnt home so that was sad.
wednesday we were ablet o have disrtict meeting! ahh i really love it! i was able to learn so much. Sister Kim had to give a korean lesson. taht was really good hwe taught about the comon mistakes that forigners make when speaking korean so that was really good for all of us to see how we can improve! after we went and did servive again. we got to work on the halla bong farm of one of the members (they are just the big oranges) it was good we were able to get a lot done for them adn it was pretty fun being in the trees! i cant wairt for them to get ripe so we can eat them!! hahaha after that we went to the Branch Presidents house (he lives really really far away!!) but it was really goofo her tool us and the elders to dinner. oh wow it was  a really really good dinner!!!!! it was these huge cuts of meat that you put on a  grill in the middle of the table and cook it yourself. wow it was really good meet.he had us eat somuch!!! i think that each on eof us there had to eat our won huge piece of meat!! but ti was really good adn just when i thoought i was full he orders rice adn soup for us!! so yeah Koreans really do show their love thought giving you food!! haha
Thurday we were able;t o to do weekly planning and then we went o change my adddress but when we go there thye said that i didnt have the right papers and that i needed some other things. adn it was really hard because i couldn treally undestand them adn then Sister Kim had to re explain it to me in more simple korean... so it was still hard to understand.. but we eventually decided to call one of the office elders and he was able to find the right papers so we can go try again later! then we went and had another service activity for amember picking up trash. then they fed us what is called mud fish soup.... yeah sounds gross right... but i was able to eat it... that family is really awesome! they are really nice and when we were sharin our message there was tewo other families from the branch that showed up so we were able to talk to them too! so taht was good!
Friday we were able to do waht we call "chace 전도" or chace proseliting we were able to talk to a lot of people adn were able to give out two book of mormons so taht was really cool we were able to also teahc a lot of short lessons adn also get some contacts! it was a really successfull day we also were able to go visit a famly that we invited to church adn we were able to play a game with them and tach a very short lesson. they are really cute kids i really like them a lot!!!
Saturday we were ablet ohave a very small english class!! theyre were two people that came... yeah iti was intersting.. after english class we went o Jeju city so that we could have interviews with president. it  was really good i was able to learn so much from him and he was able to really helpo me he is a very smart man! after interviews we ate chicken alfrado.. it was really goos an good reminder of home! haha we also were able to have a fireside tjat was focused on family! we watched a video that talked about how we onley have so much tim eon earth and thas we need ot spoend time ith our family. i Really liked hte meeting i was able to learn a lot an dfee of the real importanc eof family!
Sunday we were able tohave the family come to church ti was kind of crazy having to watch the 4 kids adn try adn keep them entertained the whole time i was really glad that church is only tow hours her becausethey would nt have made it the 3 hours! haha we wer able to finish weekly pannin and alos hav an area meetin gfo rth enext week. it was a really good day.
this week was relalyu good i lov being a mission ary and learn ing so much every day! hava good week!
Sister Thornley!!

Colorful Fish 
 Farming!! so much fun! ignore our ugly clothes!!

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