Tuesday, October 13, 2015

First week of Whitewashing Seogwipo!!!! October 12, 2015

WOW ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!!!! this week was full of so many good things!!! Monday we took a plane to the island and then had to take a really long bus ride to our home! it was so much fun! what an adventure!! It was pretty crazy butu we were able to talk to one persnon right off the plane and get her number so that was really awesome and then the taxi ride to our hose we were ablet o have a brief lesson with him and give him a book of mormom. that was really good to se that we were going ot be okay here! haha
Tuesday we were able to get more settled\ted into our home adn also go shopping! that was good our house had hardly anything so we had to get some food for the week! After that we met the elders and they showed us how to get to the church.... its a 45 minute walkt form our house to the church!!!! ahhh so far! btu when we got htere it was relaly cool the church is super close to the ocean!!! wehn we look out the window we can see th eocean so we got to go over and look at it and them we were introduced to the area by the elders. it was also kind of hard for them because they were whitewashed in just one transfer before us adn the other elders that were here got taken out so its kind of and adventure for all of us! After we got home we called all of the members adn intorduced ourselves! we actually were able to set an appointment us for the next day with on e of them so taht was realy nice!
wednesday we went to Jeju city to have district meeting. it is such a long bus ride!!! and we had to be there earlly so that we could watch the womens meeting of general confernce! that was really good i was able to see it in english adn Sister Kim was able to watch it in Korean. It was a really good district meeting we were able to set goal sall together soi it will be reallycool to see all of us work hard ot goet there! after the meeting we traveled adn came back for the meeting with the member it was really good they werea  realy nice family the mother is active but the daughter is less active so we want ot try and get her to come to church. They were really nice! after that we met wiht the elders adn alos with the District President (like the Stake President) adn we were able to mave dinner with him adn get to know  more about hte area!
Thurday we had a service activity with one of the members. he owns a farm that has oranges and little manderan oranges so we were able to go there adn help him cut back the trees it was really fun we they will be really fun to help harvest later!!! haha then we wathced the elders help him with some other work. we were kind of stuck there!!!
Friday we met with the same lessactive from the other day it was good they fed us lunch. that wasreally nice of them! after we met iwht the elders again and went ot visist a member adn his non member mother but they ended up not being homeso that was sad. we also went and introduced ourselves ot a less active sister taht was really nice!! we went  and visiteed anothter family that is kind of investigating the church they are a really poor family so that was sad to see. we were ablet o get osme really pretty pictures on our dinner time! ahh its os pretty here!!!!
Saturday we wathcherd general confernce! ahhh it was so good i was ablet o learn so much!! I really liked all of the talks i relaly liked elder Cooks talk i was able to learn  a lot from him. after confernce we went ot visit some there people that are less actives. itiwas kind of hard to find their house.. we accidently knocked on the wrong door like 3 times!!! hahaha oops! but when we met with thhem thye had heard some bad things about our church adn sid that we didnt believe in God adn Christ so taht was a arelaly sad meeting but hopefully in time we will be abelto help.
Sunday we got to watch the sest of confernce. it was really good i really liked the talk that was directed to the sisters adn i was able to see that by me being on a mission right now i am building the foundation that i need i order to have a stonget family later! we alo go to do some elglish class finding,... there wasnt very many people that were interestied to that was sad! we also were able to meet a formere investigator . she was reallly nice but it was hard because she really really liked the sister she first met but maybe we will be able to help her!
Ahh i love it here i am learning os much!! both Korean and about missionaary work! I have seeen an improvemnt inmy korean becaus i hav eot speak it all the time with Sister Kim. She is the nicest person i have ever met and i really love bein gwith her! She is always os kind oto everyone! I really look forward to the rest of the transfer!
Sister Thornley! 

 First day in Seogwipo!!! 
 The ocean and the sunset

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