Monday, August 17, 2015

August 10, 2015

wow another week has gone by so fast!! this week starts my 5th week in my 2nd transfer! It has gone so fast but also slow at times! I really do love being here in Korea!
So monday we were able to met a lady on the street adn give her a book of mormon and she saaid that she would meet us again it was such an awesoem experience because she was the one that talked to us first. God really put her in our path to talk to her but other than that we really didnt do a lot at all! we planned to have FHE but no one showed up so we had area meeting with the Elders and we were able to tal;k
about the tings that we can do to help the members in the branch and help our investigators it was good because some of the menbers really need help right now so we planned on meeting some of them to share a message and build their faith. Tuesday we planned to go visit the paris baguette lady from last week we tought that it was going to go a lot better than it did.. we basically just went there said hello and baught some icecream adn bread ate it and had to go. we werent able to ask about the Book of Mormon becuse people kept comming in adn interrupting so it wasnt the
best. but taht night we were able to meet Sister Go yumin ( the college student that is really close to baptism!) we were able to teach her a really good lesson we taught her 3 commandments adn she accepted all of htem really well. we taught keep the sabbath day holy,
the word of wisdom, adn the law of chastity. It was really good she was able to comit to live all of them! yay! she said that she wouldnt be able to come to church this week because of family reasons but
that she would think of God and do things that were good. It was such a good lesson She understood the word o fwisdom too she said that shedoesnt really drink coffee or alchol so that would be easy. she wondered why we cant dring green tea but we told her our testimomy o
fit adn she accepted it. we also had time to teach the law of chastity and that was good she accepted it as well! Now we just have to set a date fro her baptism and help her prepare more. We are going to meet  her again this tuesday and set the date so hopefully everthing goes
well!! after that we had english class adn that was good nothing new happened. Wednesday we had Zone Conference all day! it was so good though i was able to learn so much Presidnet adn sister barrow came and we able to
talk to us. we also got to watch meet the mormons because a lot of people hadnt seen it. It is such a good movie! I love the ways that it inspires all of us to help others adn live our standards better! we also talked a lto about the book of mormon and the challenge that we are doing it is such a blessing to be reading the book of mormon so
fast! I have really learned os much from it and i do feel taht we are being blessed as we do it! I have really felt my testimony of the book of mormon grow through it!
Thurdsay we had service and then we were able to meet the lady that we met on Pday adn were able to teach her the restoration and a little about the plan of salvation. her husband actually passed away recently
so she was really ointerested in that. After that we met with Kim yooneh (the less active) she actually read the assignment!!! it was so good we had a good lesson with her about the chapter! she made a little progress this week!! yay! After her on our way home we stopped by the paris baguette lady again this time we got to tlak to her more
about the ook of mormon. we arent sure how interested she reallly is but we will continue to stop there to see her every once and a while! Friday we had planned to meet a new lady that is russian but she cancled on us so we stayed home adn did weekly planning. After that we had another appointment with a new investigator we taught her english
and a very short lessson about why we are missionaries and a little about the book of mormon. it was good but she is mostly english interest now. But we are going to continue to meet her! It will be good. Saturday we had full study and then we met another new invesitgator!!! She recieved a book of mormon a while ago adn contacted us this week
adn we were able to meet with her. we taught the restoration but it was really hard to understand her! Even sister Hurley couldnt really undersdtand her but she wants to meet again to talk about it so thats really good. I think that the spirit was really guiding that lesson. After her we had english class it was good I was able to do basic with the Korean elder that we serve with. he is so funny!! we it was good
for me becasue i was able to work on my Korean adn learn to
communucate with them better. I still need a alot of work though!! haha we were also able to have a lesson with Paul (he is the highschool student that came to church the third day that we met him) adn the elders and a meber. it was good I can really see how prepared
he is! He is such a nice person. The elders are planning on setting a baptisimal date with him this week and we are thinkin god doing it the same day for Go yumin it would be really awesome if everything works
out! Sunday was pretty normal we were able to go to church and learn a lot. We got to go the english sunday school class becasue we didnt have ny investigators. it was really good. I love that we have an american family! we also met with another new person it is actullay the son of
the lady we met on pday but he wasnt very interested so that was sad! but it was a really good week i really love it here in Korea! Im learning so much every day!
Sister Thornley

Ulsan zone conference ( this is my Zone with pres and sister barrow!)

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