Friday, August 7, 2015

July 27, 2015

Hello everyone!! this week was really hot here in Korea!! I have been sweating so bad! I am just really happy that my house and all of the houses we visit have AC and that the buses and cars have it as well! I Really am learing so much everyday! The Book of mormon challage is going good it takes so much time but i really am learning alot!
Monday was really good we had FHE and the same families came we played the candybar game that was s fun! it was kind of hard though becasuse it was with chopsticks! haha but i had fun! I had to give the message that was okay it was hard becuase i didnt have a lot of time to preapare s it wasnt the best! but i learned from it and wil prepare more next time!
Tuesday we went to Hogey to meet with the new sisteres and turn over our investigatior from there to them. that was good she is such a fun lady she really opened up and shared her toughts. After that we had to hurry back because we had an appointment with a member adn the elders for lunch/dinner. The menber it sister Kim doknam the one that wrote the whole BoM in her journals! She fed us really good food. She made BBQ ribs and some other stuff that was really good but im not sure what it was called.haha we shared a message about the book of mormon and shared our favorite scripture. i decided i really need to worrk on my Korean because i coudnt tell her why i liked the scipture. but it wil come! after that we had english class that was good too. We had a good amount of people that came. We shared a mormon message that was really really good for the message. I think it heloped a lot of people! it was a video about a man that didnt believe in God at frist adn told baout how he came to believe in God. It was really good all of you shoulld watch it! its called "A hope of Gods Light"
Wednesday we had didrtict meeting. I always learn so much from it!! I really like the chance that we get each week to learn from other missionaries! after that we went on exchanges. Guess who had to stay in the area again...... yep me I had to stay and lead the area fro the second time! i guess they are just amkin gsure i can do it before sister Hurley leaves! haha but it was so good i went with Sister Hill adn she is such an amazing missionary!!! I learned so much from her! She was actually trained in this area so seh got to visit some of the people she taught before. We got to visit sister Park hyangme ( the artish that wants to be baptized but cant becasue of work opn sundays) that was really good we talked abiout the importance of having a strong foundation. it was really good. Sister hill was really happy to see her again! :) After that we went to another members house with the elders to have dinner. it was really godo too. it was meat and veggies that you wrap in lettuce. it was a good time. she also made homemaid bread with jam adn whipped cream! that was really good! haha  
thursday we had service again that is good. they old peopel are so fun! haha after service we had to exchange back so i was on a bus for like 3 hours jut traveling to and from other areas. it gave me a lot of time to read to BoM so it was good! we  also planned to go meet sister Park jehyun she is the taekwondo lady but when we go to her hiuse she wasnt ther so that was sad. bu twe called and set a time to meet with her the next day.
Friday we had studay then went to visit sister Park from the other day that was so good to seee her agin becasue we havent been able to meet her for so long! seh is so cute i learn so much from her! it was cute becasue she asked me to pray at the end becuse "that is the only way that i will learn korean!" haha super cute! then she took us to dinner we had these little rice hamburger things. then we went and did some prosiliting it was good we actually met a less axtive sister there. she baugh all of us waffels. we planned ot meet with her again sometime. we havent been able to yet though.. :/
saturday we had a lesson with sister Go youmein the collage student she is so awesoem and still progressing please pray for her!  we invited her to church again and she said she would come! yay! We also had english class we had a lot of new students that came! and we shared the same video as the message beacasuse everyone was new! then we went o dinner with the elders adn that took the rest of the nich becsue we had to set up for church adn wait for everyone to leave after english class.
Sunday was good we had PEC and cleaned then we waited for Sister Go to come. she was a little late but it was okay becsue she came and stayed for the whole time! it was really good we talked about baptism in class and she asked really good questions we told her that she doent need to know everything before she gets baptised adn she accepted that really well so we want to set a date this week. after church we went to hogey again for chiror practice that was fun we got to see some other missionaries. then we came home and did some BoM prosiliting withthe elders taht was so good~! we taught 4 lessons onthe streat and were able to give out 4 BoMs.
Today was a very relaxing day we spent like 2 hours studing the book of Mormom that was really good! but something fun today.. so when i woke up i looked at my right hand adn it was supper swollen!!! haha so i look like i got fat over nigh but just in my hand you can no longer see my knuckles!! haha yeah i think i got bit by a bug or somthing! hopefully it goes away soon!!
yep its a good week we are very busy! Kroea is so good i love it so much!
Sister Thornley!

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