Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Hello everyone!!! this week was really good! I am so happy that i
stayed in my area we were able to see so many amazing things!!! I
really have learned a lot from Sister Cunningham she is amazing!!!
Monday we planne dot have FHE but no one came..:( so sad but we were
able to talk about the area and I was able to tell about our
investigators ( wow that was hard to spell in english its easieer in

Tuesday we planned to visit a less active but because of the rain she
told us not to come... darn!! but we were able to go though and talk
about all of the investigators and the less actives that we visit and
the members. it was really good. we also had english class. that is
always fun we had a newer person come again so we were able to talk to
her and get to know her better and talk about what we do as
missionaries. I

Wednesday we had district meeting!! ahh i love beiong able to learn
form the other missionaries they were able to help me see a lot of
things that i could work on! we also learned osme fun korean phrases.
i learned how to say that my stomach was going to tear. i alos learned
some other things that i cant remember at the time... (appariently i
need to study them more! hahaha) but after that we got lunch it was
good but probaby not my favorie korean food. We also got to meet
Janniy and Darina, Janniy is russian and Darina is half russian and
half korean it was a really good lesson we introduced the plan of
salvation and they seemed interested. we will teach the rest this
week. They are such asweet family I really llike meeting them! we also
went to vist a previous inveestigator it was really good because she
wanted to satrt the familly english program so we will start to teach
english for 30 min then share a message for 30 min it will be really
good i hope that she will have a stronger desire to learn about what
we teach( when missionaries met her before she was really close to
baptism but then her husband passed away adn so she stoped meeting
them yeah sad story) but hopefully we can help her.

Thurdsay we didnt have service... so sad i actually like going to see
the old people there they are so fun!! but we were able to try adn
visit a less active that just had a baby we didnt get to talk to her
so we left a note with a scripture. we also go tot visit Kim yuneh she
is also a less active (ive talked about her a lot) we talked to her
abput Patriachal blessings and she was actually interested. so we hope
that she will have interest and make the change in her life so that
she will be abe to recieve that blessing and guidence that comes from
it. it was a really good day i was able to learn a lot for myself
while helping others!

Friday we were able to meet the Less active that we planned to meet on
tuesday her name is Gwak geehey ( ahhh putting it in english is hard!)
but we helped her brother translate a paper.... that was really
hard!!! but it wa skind of fun. we also shared a message abput God and
abput prayer it was really good. I hope that we can help her more as
we continue to meet her! we also did weekly planning that was good we
were able to plan a good week! I hope that it will go as good as we

Saturday was SO AMAZING!!!!!! we were able to go to the church and
meet Go yumin to have her BAPTISIMAL INTERVIEW!!!!!  yay!!! ahh she is
such an amazing person i have really grown close to her in the time
that ive been teaching her!! She is so prepared and ready to make the
step of baptism!! Her interview was good adn she passed so she will be
baptized on the 13th of september!!! Ahhh it wil be such a good day
for her! We were able to start to plan for the service adn it will be
a really good day! There might even be one of the elders investigators
that will get baptized that day too!!! ahh it will be so good!! She
said she would come to church as well!! AHhh she is so great! We had
english class after thhat it was good there wasnt as many people that
came but it was still good! we were able to get ice cream after with a
meber that is really sweet. whille we were standing eating our
icecream some drunk men came over and were like "you can speak Korean"
it was funny! we had to leave though becasue they were getting Creepy.
But then we were able to set up the church adn get it realdy for
sacarement meeting. AHHH such a good day!!

Sunday we had PEC and then church Go YuMin came!!!!!! Yay I wasnt
worried that she wouldnt it just amkes me happy when she does come!!
It was a really good meeting Sister Cunningham gave a welcome talk
then we were able to have a lesson with Go YuMin and the elders. We
were able to help her be ecxited for her baptism and then help her
feel more ready for it. We were able to talk about the things that she
needed! She was really cute at helping me and sister Cunnungham in RS
because when we didnt understand she would help us. She also talked
about how she wants to teach her boyfriend about what she has learned!
She wasnt able to stay for the lunch after but she was able to learn a
lot. After church we ate lunch and then went lookin gfor less actives
it wasnt very successful on the less actives but we were able to talk
to some people one person actually had a frind that was Mormon adn
moved to utah or somthing like that. so hopefully the grandma and son
will call us(it was the grandama that we stared to talk to then the
son that knew the mormon) super cool!

Today we had to go to the place to get sister Cunninghams forigener
card renewed so that she could stay in Korea, that took so long!!!!!!
we were there waiting for like 2 and a half Hours!!!!! but we got it
done and were able to get lunch so it was okay. I really love korea an
everyting about being a missionary!!! there are so many things i can
learn! I hope all of you have a good week!

Sister Thornley!

So also this week there was a really funny thing that happened... when
we went to vist the lady that lost her husband we just go to her phone
shop adn her coworkeer was there adn as soon as she saw us the first
thing she said was "how do you say this" then she showed me her phone
and on it was "i dont give a ****" yeah i was really glad that i
stoped myself from saying the rest of it outloud... but we told her
that its a bad word and that we dont say it. but she just kept trying
to say it.. haha so funny! i was glad that she and her co worker were
saying it wrong but it was just funny that it was the first thing she
asked us!! yep thats my funny story.

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