Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I'm so happy!!!! Sept. 14, 2015

ahhh this week was so good!!! we were able to see some really amazing
things!!! First off we were able to have a baptism!!!! Sister Go YuMin
got baptized sunday night. It was such a special experience for
everyone. She is so prepared. I was able to teach her from the first
so it was really cool to be able to see the change in her from the
start to now. She has a light around her all the time that others are
able to see. Even though it is hard to communicate with her I feel
that I have a conection wiht her it is a really good feeling! I was
also able to write her a letter in korean that I feel she will like.
It was crazy to see the letter i gave her because it was alll in
Korean!!! adn i could understand it all... ahhh so weird!! haha but it
was a reallly good experience. We were also able to have sister Hurley
come. taht was reallly good because we were the ones that taught her
from the start. We had two really good talks that we were able to feel
the spirit so strong.  we also had two misical numbers they were
really good. it is amazing to see how music can bring the spirit into
the room. She only had to get baptized once so that was good! adn then
we had the branch write letters to her adn were able to give that to
her.  she shared her testimony and the end as well adn it was reallly
good she was able to feel the spirit so strong. I reallly feel that
she will continue to progress.  we also had some snacks after and she
was able to talk with the members adn get to know them better. It was
so good!!! we also gave her a nice BoM and D&C  it was really good!
earlier that day she came to church and after we were able to spend
the day with her adn we were able to watch the restoration video it
was really good i think it helped her understand the restoration a lot
better! Ahhh she is so cute i wish that all of oyou could meet her!!!
hahaha oh also with week we went and got dessert called Bing Su 빙수  it
was really good we were able to have a good time wiht her adn help
both of us get to know her better.

so the week is goin got be short because of time. Monday we had FHE
adn then after there was two members that took us to dinner beacuse
they said that missionaries are always hungry (not true!!!) but they
took us to eat adn they got us the Fish from finding nemo that is the
deep sea fish with the little light!!!!! ahhh crazy right!! I ate that
kind of fish. it was in sauce and was really spicy!!! I had to eat so
much!!!! they made me eat the most of the food because i was sharing
wiht the two mambers adn them the elders and sister cunningham shared
but becasue i was with the members they made me eat the most!!! ahhh
it was so hard!!! haha but im still alive! haha

Tuesday we were planning on getting some of the prep for the baptism
done adn so we went to see the font adn the whole bottom of the floor
was covered in dirt!!!!!! ahhh it was so gross we think the the drain
backed up and got it dirty so we started to clean it adn we had to get
brushes and scrub really hard to try and get it clean it as so bad!!!
but we got the most of the gross stuff off adn then we had english
class. it was good i dont remember what happpened vey well but it was

Wednesday we had Mission Tour!! it was so awesome!!! we had to leave
our house really early to get there on time because it was like a two
hour train ride!! but it was so good i learned a lot! The persome that
came was really good he was really fun adn his wife was really cute
she didnt know english or korean very well because they are from japan
but she taught us how to make lips out of paper adn talked about how
we need to open our mouth. It was really cute!! that basically took
the whole day because of travel adn it was a long meeting but i
learned so much.

Thursady was kind of  a crazy day!!! we had service adn they ran out
of rice!!!! ahhh thats not a good thing here!!! these people need
their rice!! haha so we had to wait fro it to cook for like 15-20
minutes.. yeah it was crazy!!! after service we went with the elders
and a member to eat lunch. it was a reallly good lunch. we were able
to have a good talk with her and i was really thankfun for elder Ha
because he was translating a little for me so when i didnt understand
all of it he would help me. we also met a less active sister that is
new in our area she was reallly nice i think i talked about her last
week but but she was reallly awesome we were able to teach her
children english. but it was kind of hard because one of her daughters
only speaks Chinese!!!!! ahhh so crazy!! this is when i wish that the
small amount of chinese i knew didnt leave my mind when i started to
learn Koean!!! hahaha but it was good the youngest daughter is reallly
cute adn was fun to play with!!! we also had dinner with the Preiedman
family. that was reallly godo we were able to have a good american
dinner!! haha and also talk to them and help them as a family. then we
had an appointment with the senior high school student adn it was
reallly good we were able to teach english adn have a reallly good
lesson with her! She is so cute i reallly like her!

Friday we went and had Bing Su (its like ice crean ans shaved ice but
so much better!!!) with Go YuMin i already talked abpout that but then
we were able to do weekly planning and then we also were able to meet
with the same high school student adn she baught us bubble tea!!! it
was so good! she i sso nice adn the lesson was good too she was
reallly interested in the plan of salvation so we are going to start
there with her. I will be good!

saturday we were able tp get all the big prep for the baptism adn made
sure that we had everything we needed it was a reallly busy adn kind
of stresssul day but we got it all done we also had english class agin
adn after we got the church ready to have church the next day.

Sunday!!!!!!! ahhh it was so good!! other than what i said at the
first there isnt that much to say! ha but we were able to talk to the
branch adn get everything planned for the baptism. We had church and
it was reallly good!! Go YuMin is reallly awesome. she stayed after
church and ate with the branch and then we answeed the questions she
had and decided on a dress for her to be baptized in. then we watched
the video and we also went to the branch presidents house adn ate
dinner with the elders adn Go YuMin then we made sure that wverything
was ready and took lots of pictures.. AHhh it was so good she even
cried at the end because of the spirit it was really aweosme!!!

It was a reallly good week!!! I love Korea I love Go YuMin and i love
Missionary Work!!! have a good week!!!

Sister Thornley

Mission Tour With Elder Yamashita


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