Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Change the Mission Culture Sept. 21, 2015

Hello! wow this week went so fast! There was a lot fo good things that
happened as well.
Monday was really good i talked a little about it a little last week
but we were able to have FHE after and it was really good! Its so fun
to be able to be with the families and get to know them better.
Tuesday we went to look for less actives we were able to find all of
the houses but we think that they either moved or that they just didnt
want to answer the door. It was good though we were able to see more
of the Korean towns it was good even though we werent able to find the
lkess actives. We also had english class that was good but not very
many people came so that was sad!
Wednesday was reallly good we were able to have Zone meeting! ahh it
was a really good chance to learn from the other missionaries! I
really liked learnign how i can improve we were ablet ot use the topic
from the mission tour adn discuss the things hat we can do to make our
mission a better experience. It was focused on changing the mission
culture I was able to learn so much! after that i went on exhanges in
pohang with sister Ha she is so cute i really like her a lot! We were
able to hava  service activity adn then we visited some of the members
there.It was really good!
Thursday we studied and them visited a less active in that area it was
good. we had to travel a lot to come to exchange back but it was good!
after we exchanged we went to visit Sister Haun GeYeong. she is a less
active we vistied her adn her sister ( her sister isnt a member) it
was really good we were able to teach english and get to know them
better. It wa good! we also met with sister Lee CheUn she is a high
school student adn is suoper cute we were able to have a really good
lesson with her.
Friday we did weekly planning then visited Kim YoonEh she is also a
less active I relaly like her we taught her a good lesson adn talked
with her for a long time she actually made us french toast!! haha that
was really good! WE also met with sister Lee CheUn again she was
really interested and had really studied the pamphlets we gave her it
was a really good lesson I think she will be a reallly good
Saturday we did a lot of proseliting. IT was good we were able to talk
to a lot of people and were able to teach some short lessons! we also
had english class that was godo at first we tonlky had two students
that came!! haha but then more came! It was good. I like teaching
english because they are fun people to talk to! haha
Sunday we had Church and Sister Go YuMIn was able to be confermed. It
was a really special experience! Even though it was in Korean adn i
couldnt completly understand it all i was able to feel that it was the
things she needed. she is such an amazing persom i have really learned
alot from her adn the example that she is! We alos were able to have a
lesson with her. She wants to learn about the second comming adn about
the millinum so that will be and adventure to teach the next time!
Especially because i dont even know how to explain it very well in
english!!! haha After church there was the usual lunch and it wa good!
Then we did some prosiliting we were able to talk to one lady for a
while but then all of the sudden she said she had to leave adn asked
for our phone number adn we were abel to get hers. it was a weird
experience!! haha also that night there was a branch party with more
food!!!! yay!! haha it was really good food!! I got to talk with the
Priedeman family alot so that was fun. Its really nice having an
american family in the branch so that i can talk to them.
Today we planned to go to a whale museum with some other missionaries
btu they go there first and it was closed... so yeah that was sad. but
we were also to go shopping today adn get some fun Korean things that
i wil be happy to hav when i go home! I really love korea adn being on
a mission I have really learned so much from the time that ive been
here. It has been such a good experience! Thanks for the support you
all give me!
Sister Thornley


Im a Mormon.
we left this stickey note in a food place with a bunch of other notes!
hopefully some one finds it and looks up the address!

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