Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

wow! this week was very busy it went by so fast!! monday we just had a relaxing day and got random stuff done. on tuesday we went on exchanges and i had to stay in my area and lead the other sister to our appointment adn to the church and home so i was really stressed and worried that we were going to get lost but i was abkle to do it!! YAY we didnt get lost or get ont he wrong bus so i was really happy abotu that! we had a really good lesson with a lessactive sister she is really great adn wants to feel the spirt but she hasnt made the effort to feel it so she hasnt felt the feeling s she wants so its hard to continue to teach her. after meeting with her we came back to the church adn had english class that is always fun! we had two new peopel some so thats good! i wish that i new more Korean so that i could actually help them more. but its all good it will come with time! Then the next day we had district meeting in my srea so i was able to find our way to the church adn we switched back to our mormal companions that was actually really nice beacue then i didnt have as much pressure. district meeting was really good! i always learn so much from it! its good becasue i get to practice listening to koeran and being able to learn more about the gospel this week we talked about testimonies adn the importance of sharign it often adn that its okay if its just a simple testimony in korean because that will be powerful to them. so that was really good! we also ate lluch together. that food was actually good too! it slowly getting better! After that we had a lesson that we had to hurry to so we went to that adn it was good this sister is super interested in the premortal life and has tons of questions about it so its kinf of hard to teahc her. but it was good. then we went and had ice cream with the sister that came to english class adn then became a really awesoem investigator (siter Kim SurGee) she is really awesome she is the one that just started to believe in god and now she wants to leasrn more about him. so yeah she is really great we were able to have icecream with her and a member thats her age adn they became really good friends we werent able to share a message but ti was okay becasue we go tto know her more adn tell her more about what we do as missionaries. she is super awesome i will talkd more about her later. thursday we had service. that was kind of hard becasue i had to serve the lettuce stuff adn the lady in charge wanted me to give more but then the people would tell me less so i had to find an in the middle place but it was hjard becasue i couldn tunderstand them very well. but it was good. we were abel to eat there as well so thats nice it was good food. i dont remeber what it was but it was good! haha then we had dinner with a member at a relly nice restraunt! we ahd some really good food that was vietnamese or somthing and it wa like rice paper that you put in water and then filled it with meat and vegatables then wraped it up adn ate it! that was really good!  then we went and did some 전더 or steet prosiliting. that is fun btu wit was kind of hard to talk to people because it was raining pretty good adn they all had their umbrellas and didnt want to talk to us! but  it was still good! Friday we had study adn then we had a lesson withthe same sister that is really interested in the pre earth life. (sister park) that was good then we met with sister Kim again the one from earlier. this time we talked to her abotu the book of mormon and were able to introduce here to that adn tell her that jospeh smith had a similar experience to her. she was really touched by it adn said that she felt really hppey hearing this so we were able to talk about the spirit. it was a realy good lesson! she didnt understand at first that the BOM we had was for her so she was like i need to go buy one of these books! so super awesome! saturday we had study adn english that is so fun i dont even rember what happened though! haha it wa a good day! sunday was also good church is hard though because i cont understand very much so its hard to focus but i did feel the spirti adn learn some new things! then we had dinner at a members house with the elders. this meber is so sweet! Sister Lee she fed us a really different dinner!! it was a wholw small chicen to ourself!!! so there was just a chicken in my own personal bowl and i was supposed to eat it all!! that was very different! haha but it was really good! so i was glad! we shared a message with her but int he middle her son came in and started to cry on her lap so apparently she was talking about how she fel that she was a bad mother and all of the stress of hsaving so many kids(she has like 6 boys mostlly adopted) but she satred to cry and then at the end the elders ased if we could pray fo rher family adn asked who she wanted to say the prayer and sh chose me adn i had no idea waht the pobelm was but i just said a vey simple prayer but it i know that she will be given strength. she is amazing becasue as i was sitting there not understandign i though to myself what an amazing mother she was just becasue of the way she was helping her son. It was a very touchign situation. I really had a good week! Im still loving korea and everting about missionary work even though its hard at times! this week with be very busy as well! im learnign so much everyday!
Sister Thornley!
oh quick story when on exchanges we were on the bus and a motorcyle cut the bus off like three times so the bus driver yelled at him in korean telling him to pull over then when they met uo they just went off on each other about it i honestly thought that the bus driver was going to get out of the bus adn start a fight! haha it was just funny!
once again sorry for all the spelling mistakes! there isnt autocorrect for english here so i cant see the mistakes very easy! ha

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