Monday, June 8, 2015

3 days left!!!!!!

ahhhh i only have 3 days left here in the mtc! my travel plans are 
monday june 1st leave the mtc at 3:35 in the morning go to SLC. my flight is at 8:30 to Seattle WA arrive at 9:29 there time. I have a layover there until 12:06 so i will probably call then. probably at like 10;30 get on the plane again at 12;06 to Seoul Korea fly to KOrea and arrive there at 3;25pm korea time. then get another flight to busan at 5;15 until 6;20 then my mission president will pick us up and be with them for two days! yay Im so excited!  okay to when i call it will probably be at like 10:30 nin Seattle time os im not sure what time that will be here. so hopefully you can figure all of that out. I love you all! I have started to pack and am almost ready to go! I am so excited and ready to go! It will be very different from the MTC but it will be good im positive and ready to be there. I am still nervous about the food so prayers would be nice I'm praying for myself as well. 
alright so this week was awesome! sunday i was released from my calling and that was really nice there was a lot so stuff that i was asked to do that is nice because i don't have to anymore. I also had to give a talk in sacrament meeting!!! ahhh that was scary! I was prepared a little but not as good as i should have been but i think it was good. Im excited to see the difference from that talk to the ones i will give towards the end of my mission. sundays are amazing at the Mtc they are full of the spirit always! i love being able to go to the devotionals and learn from the speakers. someday was good nothing too exciting but tuesday was AMAZING!!! they Devotional that was the best ever! We had ELDER JEFFREY R HOLLAND come! the is such a powerful speaker! I learned so much from him and was able see the importance of opening my mouth and sharing what i know about the gospel! I really sis get to the mtc at the best time ever! He is amazing! the devotional was broadcast to the other mtcs around the world it was so cool! I also sang in the choir and was able to grow from that. we sang more holiness give me. that is an amazing song the original title was my prayer and that just helps the song be awesome. GO read the lyrics and think about if that was our prayer to God. yep it was awesome. 
 Korean is coming slowly but good. I have learned so much from the MTC and being able to practice every day. it will be crazy to be surrounded by it all the time in a few days! I need to practice more so that i will be able to use it when i can. I need to not be afraid of making mistakes because they is how we learn. I still have along way to go with it! 
This is my last Pday here in america!! thats a crazy thought! 
I Love My mission and being able to learn everyday. 
  Sister Thornley  

these are two of the korean elders that are here with me. 
both are going to california   the other two sisters are the new district 

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