Monday, June 29, 2015

We are so busy!!! (June 22, 2015)

wow we are so busy here in korea!! There are so many pople that we are teaching and working with! We have a full schedule every week!! I have really learned alot form the time ive been here! I am starting to adjust to the difference in culture but it will still take time!! I have had to eat some pretty weird things. yeaterday at the branch dinner we had raw fish.... yeah that was not my favortite thing ever!! it was also really hard ot eat it because there was a lot of lettuce that felt wierd in my mouth it was srachy!! ha but to add to that it was really spicy!!! but i tried my best to eat it.. but they were good aboout understanding that i wasnt used to the food so they didnt make me eat it all. i was very thankfull.. Im going to have to get a bigger stomach to be able to fit all the food they give us! but that doesnt man that im going to get fat!! haha that wont happen!!
So last tuesday we had a lesson with a less active. she was great!! I really like meeting iwth her partly becasue she speaks english so i can understand it all!! haha btut she isnt making very much progress so its sad.. :( hopefully when we meet her this week she will progress so we can keep meeting her! them we had english class. that is always fun! we had a new sister there that day adn she is really awesome!! her name is kim surgee. i will talkd more about her later!  Wedensday we had districh meeting and that was really good. I learned a lot from that. we have a lot of really good people that we can learn from. Then we came hone and didi some studding and went and visited a previous investigatior that we havent seen in a while. Thurday we had sudy adn service actuvity! That is so much fun we serve food to the old people that come there. I go tto clear the dirty plates and help them get food if they needed it. That was kind of hard becasuse i cant understnd them all the way so i cant really tell what they want. i had to try Squid after service that was actually pretty good. it was in a sauce that made it tsster better. so that was one way that it seems that the food is getting better! YAY! haha then we went and visited a less active again that lived really far away!! That was an interesting visit! she is mongolian and her husband is Korean. She has astogn testimony but she doesnt like soming to church so thats hard. she is actully taking a trip to new york to see the temple there adn to see america and canada. After our visit she drove uis to the bus stop but as she was backing up she bumped into a parked car!! so yeah i ave been in an accident on my mission. haha she was funny about it because she was like its just a scratch adn drove away!! then after we go to the buss stop we got on the wrong buss it was going the opposite way from where we live so we had ot get off in the middle of nowhere and get a taxi home! yeah that was kind of crazy! we talked to the drover aboout the BOM and gave him one he was in interesting person so it would be cool if he looked at the book of mormon and became in investigatior! Friday we had sudy and then we went to lunch at a menbers house and shared a message with them. The food there was really good as well so that is another sign that im being blessed with that! YAY! Then we had an appointment with a sister that is really good about keeping our commitments and is really interested in the pre earth life she is very good i like her alot! Saturday we had a really good lesson with a member present we taugh one of the callege students that has a lot of questions. she is still doing really well we had her read alma 32 about faith and the seed adn she was able to read and understand it really well she explainded it back to us really good so that it really awesome! She said that she has planetd the seed in her heart and that is is startign to grow!! YAY!! we asked if she would come to church but she said maybe next month so hopfully we can get her there soon!! then we had english class agian!! That was awesome the sister that came on tuesday came again! she is SO AWESOME!!! She recently started to believe in god because she said she had a dream where she talked to him! so she believes in God and wants to know more about him adn how he can help her life. she really is prepared to hear our message. we invited her to the dinner on sunday and she actyually came!!!! she was welcomed by the members and we told her about the BOM and set up a paln to meet with her and to 30 mintutes od enlish practice and 30 min of a lesson so that will be aweosme!! She is very prepared adn im excited ot meet her more! I love here already. I lready talekd baout sunday so yep thats my week I really like it here in Korea im learning so much everyday!! Its starting to get really hot here!! so thats always fun! We are very busy and are doign really well. Oh this week we are having exchanges adn i am staying here in my area and having to lead the STL so that will be crazy but i can do it! Missionary work is awesome! Thats all this week!!
Sister Thornley!!!
ps sorry for the miss spelt words!!

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