Monday, June 8, 2015

10 DAYS!!!

What an amazing week! I have learned so much this week! There has been so many things that i have been able to grow in. I really feel a lot better about understanding the language when they talk slow and simple! we are almost done with learning the grammar forms!!! We are so close to being done in the MTC! I am so excited to get to Korea but also ve5ry nervous! we also might be getting our travel plans today!!! YAY! it will be so crazy to have the plans because then its real! I got a letter from my mission president  and he said he was looking forward to meeting us on June 02 so thats awesome! we will be spending two days with them! Im excited! 
I am so ready to ger5t to korea! I'm nervous as well! hahha Oh this week my companion go t a package from home! IT was full of different kinds of chocolate! they are all really good chocolate! haha she is so funny about it! She wouldn't let anyone have any until she let our teacher try all of the kinds! haha I love my companions so much they are great people! 
I love the mtc i love going to choir and singing even though im no the best its still fun! this week we sang nearer my god to thee. I love that song so much more now! the director told us the story that was behind it! It was amazing! It made me want to study the background more! Im going to miss the mtc its been great! I will have one more p day before i leave for korea!!! 
this week we taught our first Skype TRC lesson!! that was so much fun! The bother that we taught was from busan korea he was a convert to the church and his english was very good! he asked us questions that he had when he was an investigator! that was so cool that we were able to answer the question. That was amazing he wrote down our names and said that he would watch for us in korea! :) I love my mission and learning about the gospel! I cant believe that i leave so soon!! I hope all of you have a good week! 
     Sister Thornley! 

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