Monday, June 29, 2015

Second Week in Korea!! (June 15, 2015)

Wow this week was crazy! I have really been learnign alot in such a short time here. I have really flelt the struggle of the language and not being able to talk to people very good. but it will come! we have had some pretty cool things happen last night we wre teaching a lesson with a sister that lives pretty far away from where we live and the bus ride there took about an hour and it was pretty late when we were done so we were worried that the busses wouldnt be there and we had to be home in like 30 minutes so we were worried that we were going to be late but atfer about 10-15 mintues of waithing for the bus or taxi sister hurley said that we needed to say a prayer so that we would be able to tmake it home on time and that a taxi woudl come adn as soom as we ended the prayer a taxi came! adm we wre able to make it home on time becasue the taxi is a lot faster then the bus! so that was really cool!
I have really loved gwetting to knwo my investigators better but its hard because i dont understasnd korean very good so i cant fully understand their needs but its all good im learning!
we are teaching two collage age students and they ask a lot of quesions! and they are awesome they are really interested and we might try and get them to church next week. so sorry this letter is short i didnt have a lot of time this week. im doing good its very busy being a misionary but ii really like it!
   Sister Thornley!

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