Monday, June 8, 2015

First week in Korea!!!

WOW!!! krorea is awesome! I really love it here! The plane ride over
was very long but it was good they gave us some food not the best but
what can you expect! haha It was a lot better than waht i was
expecting but i was really happy top land in korea. We go tto talk to
a lot of people but that was hard becasue we dont know that much
conversation words! haha but it was good. The plane form seoul to
busan was good it was a very short ride! I was sad because on all of
the plane rides we went on my seat was in the middle and the peole at
the windows were sleeping!!! errrrg!! but i did get to look out a
little and see as we were flyin gover Korea! it it so pretty here!!
There are TONS of buildings and hills and trees. It is really green
here! I love being here and being aaround the peole! SO when we landed
in Busan we got out bags and then we went and saw our mission
president and his wife and some of the missionaries the work with the
president and in the office. Then we went to thir house and had our
first Korean Meal!! That was actually reall good! I can remeber what
we ate but it was good! We stayed at the mission presidents house for
the first two days that was really fun! we had a lot of classes and
orientaion stuff the first day and then later that day we got to met
the trainers!!! There was three sisters that could have been my
companion and i would have been fine with any of them becasue they
were all amazing! Then we go to do a proselyting activity on the
streets of korea!! That was so muych fun! it was hard of course but it
was good! I was able to work with each on eof the sisters fo a time
anf then we go to go eat dinner with the president and his wife that
was raelly good food as well and i was happy because i could actually
use the chopsticks!! yay! I was happy about that! we sat on the floor
to eat an every thing so that was cool! I have really enjoyed being
here! Then we went back to the mission office and slept. Then the next
moring we got our trainers!!! My trainers name is sister Hurley! she
is from utah and is super awesome!! I love her already. I have been
able to learn so much from her. Then we can to our area its awesome I
really like it its so pretty Its a city with really big buildings and
is very green. its an area called 신장 (sheen jang) I really like it
here! after we rode the bus to our area we had to walk all of my bags
to our apartment!! That was a really long walk and was really hard
because we had all of my heavy bags but we made it and was able to
drop them off and then we gathered up our stuff and went to
Taekwondo!!! sweet right!! One of our investigaiors has a studio where
her and her husband teach it so we go tto go and do Tarjwondo with
them and the elders in our area! (the elders are awesome both are
Krorean and have really good english!) then we shared a message with
this sister. The message sisnt go as good as planned but thats okay!
we meet with her a lot!
Next day we had two lessons one with the sister that teaches Taekwondo
adn then one with a less active they were okay lessons for both we had
a member come and she really likes to talk! so it was hard to share
the message that we wanted to share because she was talking so much!
haha but it was okay we were able to help a little. The lessactive
knows english really wel so that lesson was in english so i was able
ot undersand it! haha
after our lessons we went out to the street and did some proselyting
that was good we did that with the elders in our area. Oh it was
raining all day this day but it was sod anyways!
saturday we got to teach a lesson with two collage age sisters that
are realy interested in the gospel they asked a lot of really good
questions and are progressing good! then we taught english class that
was really fun i was abel to help them with english adn them help me
with Krean! haha that was nice!
sunday was awesome as well we went to a meeting to talk aout it we
needed any helpthen we cleaned out side of the church. Then we went to
sacrament meeting and was able to listen to that. we have aweosme
members they will be good to get to know more! I had to give a little
talk about myself that was good then i shared my testimony and then
listened to the rest of the meeting. and the rest of the sunday stuff.
so that was good! we actuallly had a lessactive come to church so that
was great!
today! to day has bee good we went o get my forigner card adn
everything went good with that Then we were able to go shopping and
see a little bit more of Korea and the area! we also go to eat some
food!( best part!! hahaha) and later tonight we are going to a members
house to do FHE so that will be good im exctied! I reallly like it
here and really like being with sister Hurley she is great!! she is
very helpful with korean and understasnding that im still learning! I
love it here! oh and it is VERY HOT!! Its crazy how hot it feels! haha
well this is all i have time for today so have a great week Ilove you
all and hope you all are good!

Sister Thornley!!

 me and sister Hurley
picture of korea!

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