Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 6, 2015

This week was once again very busy! I think that will be a very common thing in missionary work! monday we had pday wich is always good. we also had family home evening that was really good we had a lot of people show up so that made it better we played games and ate cookies and orange juice. Koreans really love giving food. ive been told that to show their love they give you food so we are very loved becasue we get a lot of food! its great! they give us a lot of rice cake!! tuesday we had a lesson with Sister Kang she is a very interesting person she likes to party. She told us that sometimes you have to hit people to have them do what you want of somthing like that. she also doesnt like when we give "homework" so its hard to help her faith progress because she wont do her part to progress. after we met with her we had english class. that was good we had a good amount of people there. We like it when we have a lot of people. mothiong to big happened but it was good. wednesday was a really good day! first we had district meeting. we had district meeting on the beach!!! aweesome right! we went to a place that had a lot of really big rocks and you could walk on a bridge and over to another big rock so we all went over there and had our meeting on the rocks looking out to the ocean! that was really cool! while we were there some koreans were taking oictures of us sitting on the rock! it was really funny but really awkward at the same time! haha we also ate watermellon and took pictures. It was really pretty becasue there were a lot of big boats that would pass as they went to the port. after that we came back to our area and make cookies to take to a less active. We went to visit her adn it was like a 30 minute walk  but as we were walking we met a really nice lady that was going there too so we walked with her the whole way and talked with her. The less active wasn home so so we left thinking we went there for nothing but as we werer leaving a man stopped us and asked if we teach english. we told him yes. then he asked hoe much it costs we said free. he didnt believe us so we expalined that we are missionaries and as one of our ways of service it to teach enlish and share a message. he wanted us to teach his two children english a boy and a girl. so we got his information and set up a time to meet. he is christrian but he made it very clear that he had a religion. it was just a very cool experience. especially becasue he was the one that stopped us first. then as we were walking home we met another lady that was awesome and might come to english class but she didnt like the fact that we were a church.. so we will see.. we also met a really creepy man that tried to give us a ride home on his bike or take us to coffee he was kind of scary. but we were okay. Thursday we had service and met another less active sister. She is a really great sister her name is siter Kim yooneh but she has a hard time feelign the spirit so its hard to met with her. shehasnt mad eany progress in the time that weve met so we are ging to met her less from now on and hopefully she will progress another time. We also met the family that we met on wednesday. they are such a cute family!! the boy is 12 and the girl is 10 they are so fun. We learned about their religious background and that they like church adn taught them how to pray. Friday we had study ane met with Sister Park HangMe. She is so fun i love her! she is an artist adn likes to paint animals in peoples houses she gave us a pamplet with pictures of her art so that will be fun to have to remember her by.  Then we did weekly planning. That takes so much time to plan for everyone! but its good. Saturday we had study adn met with the two collage students they are doing so good they are very interested in our church adn learing everything they can I learn so much from teaching them!  I really hope that they continue to progress as much as they are. then we had english class i was with the advanced there was so many people there that day!! it was a lot harder to teach becuse i had to try adn give all of them chances to speak enlish. but it was good. After english class we planned ot meet with Sister Kim SurGee but she culdnt met :/ this is the sister that came to english class two times then told us abotu how she had a dream about god talkign to her. After we met with her adn gave her the book of mormon we hadnt met with her but we had checked on her often one day we talked ot her and she said that she had been reading a chapter a day in the book of Mormon so we wanted to meet with her because she had a lot of question she wanted to ask us but she wasnt abotu to met so that was really sad. but we also go t to met with the family again the boy is super excited whrn we shared the message but the dad adn the girl werent very happy but it was okay. we had to meet wtih the elders because there wasnt an adult female btu that was good they are awesome elders. sunday we had church and did more weekly planning then we met iwth Joan she is the chinese sister. she is hard to met with because her korean isnt very good and she doesnt understasnd when we talk abou the gospel but we gave a chinese book of mornon so hopefully she will read it and understand.
I really love korea and all of the people here i am learnign so much everyday. the language is comming slowly but good. I can understand a lot better than speak  so i need soem work still. I love my mission!
Sister Thornley

Our apartment


 This is the place we had district meeting
 The bridge to the rock
 Climbing huge stairs to the top of the mountain on pday

My lunch

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