Friday, May 8, 2015

May 7, 2015

I love my P-day!! I love that we get o go to the Temple every week. I have learned so much from going so often . I feel that the temple is so important in our church and that all of us should try to go as often as we can! Often we take the Temple for granted because its so close. I love it! 
  My Teachers are amazing I am really going to miss them when i leave the MTC and wont we guided by their teachings every day! bu tit will be okay because i will be able to study and grow on my own.  They really do know what we need there has been many times that we are but out and they know just what to say to help us refocus and prepare our minds to learning again. 
SO my calling is very busy. I have a lot that is expected of me. but i love it. I have learned how to love the people i am serving. I am asked to give the lesson for relief society. That i actually really fun i love being able to help others learn and grow in the topics of the gospel. 
  The district older than us will be leaving this Monday!! That makes my district the oldest one!!! AHHH its so crazy that we are so close to leaving to Korea. After they leave the other sister that I was serving with as the Zone Sister Training Leader will be leaving it is possible that I will be called to her position and then another sister will be called to help me. I have really grown to love this District that is leaving so this week might be hard. but i know that all of them will be amazing missionaries and that they will touch many lives in Korea. After they Leave i only have three more weeks here! We will get new missionaries in our Zone the same week and then he next week we will get the native Koreans that will be going to back to Korea with us! I am so excited. It will be good to just get hit with the language. I think it will really help me learn it because that will be the only form of talking. I know that I can be using Korean here but it will  just be nicer to not have the chance to speak English! haha 
we have been learning new grammar forms every day and they are kind of taking time to sink into my mind to remember the ways to say what i want ot say! There are so many different ways that things can be said so its hard to remember everything and know when to use it but its good I ave really learned a lot. I feel pretty confident in understanding things that are said that are related to the gospel but when I talk to the natives now it takes a lot longer for me to figure out what they are trying to say to me. I love it though. 
  I still love my companions and being with them and getting to know them better. I have learned so much from them They teach  me a lot. I have had to learn patience and how to forgive  and how to show Christlike love even when its hard but I am learning and love learning new things. I love it here and love serving the Lord I have grown closer to him already. I hope all of you had a good week. Enjoy the Rain and the almost summer weather! YAY! Love you all!! 
  Sister Alicia Thornley

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